Monday, December 29, 2008

Out of this World Chandelier

I have been a very neglective blogger and now that the holidays are soon behind us, I promise I will try to be better in '09. But considering I held a home tour with about 75 women, a Christmas party with about 25 people, a spagetti dinner for the girls hockey team with about 40 people, and a progressive dinner for my girlfriends, all within the last month, I think I have a fairly good excuse! Can't believe I was able to get it all together. No wonder I'm so tired!

In this post I want to introduce you to the work of a good friend of mine, Sue Wolfe. She is not only a former boss, a current partner at the antique store, and one of my partners in crime at the Junk Bonanza, she is also a mentor and friend. She is an extremely creative person, and I'd love to have just an slight inkling of her talent! If I could bottle it, I would!

This is a vintage 1950's sled/saucer that she transformed into a chandlier. Who would have thunk! In the top of the sled, she drilled several small holes and with wire hung the clear ornaments. She also drilled a large hole in the center where she attached the light fixture.

You can still see the original cloth handles on the underside.

To hold the wire in place, she used a small glass bead and a crimp bead at the top.

Here's wishing you all a new year of creative ideas, wonderful projects and many blessings from above!


A New Year . . . A New Magazine!

As we go into a new year, I'm here with great excitement and anticipation to introduce the new year with a new magazine and DVD! As a contributor on the JunkMarketStyle website, I received an e-mail from Sue Whitney, President of JunkMarketStyle, announcing the release of this new magazine tomorrow and I'm here to spread the word! Here's what Sue had to say . . . .

Yay! Fresh off the presses and video camera comes a JUNKMARKET dynamic duo. This is so exciting. Let me give you the skinny on this product. The magazine is a 48 page excerpt from my current best-seller, Junk Beautiful- Room by Room Makeovers with JUNKMARKET Style, highlighting the best of the best from the book. It includes 5 room makeovers along with many of my favorite step-by-step projects. If you don't already own the book this will leave you yearning for more and there is indeed plenty more where this comes from. What's totally new and fresh? Something that we here at JUNKMARKET have never done before....a DVD. Woo hoo! The DVD includes a flea market shopping experience including all the tips and tricks, a style file, three different bathrooms three different ways, a creative workshop section with me, Kimberly, and our new Junk Hunk, Brandon, a video version of my daughter's bedroom makeover, and a personally guided tour through the "House That Junk Built". That would be my home! I have to say that this may be one of my favorite junking experiences ever...and that speaks volumes. We had an outrageously good time, shooting, writing, creating, and producing this DVD for you. I hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it! The cover price is a bargain at $12.99. The contents will totally give you an upper-hand on how to cut costs and raise the coolness meter at the same time. Now that's a two-fer. This will be released December 30, 2008...tomorrow!

Where to Find It:

You can pick this treasure up on newsstands in locations such as: CostCo, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot, Menard's, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Grocery Chains and many other outlets.
Thanks again!

Be Well,


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Warmest Wishes from My House to Yours!

From the frigid cold weather of the Midwest, here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! May you all know the true meaning of this wonderful season, the birth of God's son, Jesus! May your new year be filled with many blessings from above and in an uncertain time, may we all look to the one who really is in control. God bless!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Home Tour 2008 - 3rd and Final

After taking a bit of a break to get caught up on some other important projects that have long been neglected, I'll now share with you the final pictures of my home tour. With Christmas fast approaching, here's hoping you're in the process of decorating your home for the holidays!

It was great to have Sue Whitney from Junk Market Style, and Gretchen Schaumann, a fellow Junk Market Style contributor, attend the Home Tour.

This fab canvas was specially made for me by my friend, Sue Wolfe. She was just featured in the Star and Tribune!

This was my embellished chandelier. All I did was lay branches across the chandelier and hung Christmas balls by thin wire. It made quite a statement!

This side table is actually used as a buffet for me. I adorned it with an old fish tank filled with clear glass ornaments and wine bottles. Along side of it is a vintage chicken feeder filled with wine glasses. Behind it sits vintage grates with an single ornament hanging from them. The tall stick tree is also a creation of Sue Wolfe.
This is my flocked tree filled with ironstone coffee cups, creamers and pitchers, silver coffee and tea servers and vintage serving utensils.

This is definately thinking outside of the box! It's a beverage server filled with faux snow, an ornament and greens!

I love this table. It's an old iron planter box with a piece of glass added. I also placed a grate on top.

This is my main floor bathroom. Love the bars of soap stacked up.

What a simple vignette. A locker basket full of vintage pots!

This is a old chippy railing just placed in a window.

Love this window. It's found on the landing going up my stairs. Love to keep it simple.

I have a small sitting room at the top of my stairs. I've got a theme going on here.

For Christmas I changed up my baby spring with added Christmas ornaments and winter themed pictures.

Love this old window. I stenciled on the back of it with a paint pen then just added the candleholders.

This just might be my favorite room in the house. Love, love, love my soaking tub.

Found the architectual wave above the mirrors at an occasional sale. Knew it would be perfect for my bathroom!

One of my favorite things, scales!

This towel embellishment is actually a necklace!

I bought this old dentist or doctors stand at the last sale at Junk Market. It cost me only $50.

Thanks for sharing my home tour with me on-line. I hope you were able to get into the Christmas spirit with me!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Home Tour 2008 - Part 2

Here are some additional pictures of the Home Tour I had at my house this past weekend. I'm doing this in separate posts as I want to be sure to include several pictures, and it is quite a task to upload and organize them. I hope you enjoy them. Your comments are most appreciated.

These small wall vases have a wire poinsetta made by my friend Sue and glittered. Lovely!

This bottle holder was originally a broom holder!

This simple vignette of cloches makes an elegant statement.

Skates, skates and more skates . . .

Awesome galvanized bin purchase at Funky Junque in Fargo!

Love, love, love those iron candleholders . . .

Who said threes a crowd! The Christmas balls were put on in bunches.

A bowl of ornaments and greens . . . how simple is that!

A window in a window wishing "Peace on Earth".

The sign above the cabinet says, "It's okay to say Merry Christmas!"

This is part two of my pictures. Hope they're inspiring you to get those ornaments out and decorate! More to come . . .

Holiday Home Tour 2008 - Part 1

As the Holidays are almost upon us, I have put another Holiday Home Tour behind me. Last Saturday, I had approximately 75 women came through my home. This is my fourth, and possibly my last year for awhile, that I have participated in it for the Round Barn Potting Co. I've enjoyed thoroughly doing it every year, but it takes a lot of time and energy to put it on (not to speak of the money involved). But none the less, it is more than worth it. I have met many wonderful people, and have hopefully inspired and encouraged them in their holiday decorating.

This year it was even extra special to have had Sue Whitney, of Junk Market Style, to take time out of her busy schedule to attend. I am contributor to her website, so it was thrilling to have her as guest in my home. She was able to attend with another contributor, Gretchen Schaumann, and so it was a little Junk Market reunion. Check out her take on the tour on Junk Market Style.

Here are some of the pictures from the tour . . .

My bird bath done up for the holidays!

A French park bench along with one of many Christmas trees this year!

Being good is such a lonesome job!
Vintage Church candleholder with an extra-large Christmas stocking!

A planter filled with greenery, a metal dove and a pair of vintage skates.

What a sweet pair of child's skates!

There's no place like home!

Aren't these the cutest little boots! The shovel I won at a silent auction at the Junk Bonanza. It was one of Ki's projects. Yeah!

Simple wall candleholders on the pillar showcase this winter vignette.
My Front Room was done up in all whites and silvers with silver sage blue walls.

The capital the tree is sitting in was purchased at Junk Market a few years back, and the unique branch on the mantle was the icing on the cake!
That's just the beginning pictures of my home tour with more pictures to come. Also check out Lori Miller's home which was on the tour at The Round Barn Potting Co. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


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