Saturday, July 19, 2008

Graduation Open House

Well it's finally over! My son, Zach, graduated from High School on May 28 after 13 years at Meadow Creek Christian School in Andover. The years of paying tuition have somewhat prepared us for College Tuition. Actually he's going to North Dakota State University for Architecture and has received a full tuition scholoraship (yippee!). We'll still need to worry about room and board and other extra fees, but the scholarship was certainly a blessing.
On June 28 we celebrated by having an open house for him. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I also had great help from my sisters and friends. We served Buffalo Wild Wings (he ate 100 of them all by himself!) with cheezy pototoes, ramon noodle salad and fruit and vegetables. We had a ton of food.

For some of the decorating I did for it, the first thing was taking an old ceiling air duct that had been cut down, and I put it on my front door. I attached black and white football photos of him with magnets.
Next to the door I put a sign that says "The Fun Starts Here!" to welcome everyone. This was something a bought at the Junk Market when they were moving out of their old space. It originally said, "The Line Starts Here!". We did have a lot of fun!

For one of his photo boards I took an old window divider. I copied some of his graduation pictures into black and white, used some old photo corners to add them to the windows, plus added some black letters with encouraging words from Michaels. I love how it turned out!

I also took the baby bed spring and I put it on an easel. I added more black and white photos of him from a baby 'til now, cut them with pinking shears and clipped them on it with office clips. Also added some scrapbooking accent pieces from Michaels.

Lastly, I have to include some pictures of my front porch and front garden. I love how the bird bath turned out. I added hostas, ferns and geraniums, which are some of my favorite plants, to it.

This is an old turkey feeder. I took the wood rails off, added the sign that says "feed, water, grow" and then added the flowers. I just wish summer would last for ever!


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