Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh great birch tree, how lovely is your bark.  And your branches, they reach high to the sky (insert sound effect of me clearing my throat).  Okay, I'm certainly no poet by any means.  But I do love the look of the birch tree, and its bark, and so I decided to do a little vignette in ode to it and well...nature in general.

When you add birch into your indoor home decor, it brings a little bit of nature into your space.  So when I decided to change up the little alcove I have as you first walk into my house, I found myself putting a little birch theme together. 

This little twig tree was purchased new, but it fit right into my "theme".  The planter was made for me by my good friend Sue Wolfe.  One of her Destination Art creations.

You could probably create your own version of this tree if you want to.  Just decoupage' newspaper or book pages around some twigs.

How about a real birds nest placed in a vintage drinking bubbler.  Can't get much more le'naturale than that!

And how about bringing a bird bath inside?   Filled with these huge pinecones, it seems to be the perfect addition.

I decided the bird bath needed to be raised up a bit so this old iron grate fit the bill.

Birch wallpaper added over an old picture was the perfect backdrop, also created by Sue Wolfe.  It hangs next to an old English Bus Roll.  

Hey!!  Herc, move away from the birds nest!  Ooops...I think keeping this here may be a problem!

And of course I do have birch branches mingled throughout my home.  I love the thicker branches that are mature enough to have the white bark on them.

And then why not put a tree in your house?  You could have a whole forest in there!  Hahaha.   Well then again...maybe not.  

Until next time...

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where Have I Been and What the Heck Have I Been Doing?

So some of you have been wondering where I've been and what the heck I've been up to lately.  Actually, something quite crazy overcame me (and I mean crazy)! My husband was complaining (what?...a complaining husband??)  That never happens now does it?  Ha!  Anyways, he was complaining that all I did was go out for lunch (who me?).  So I sat down at my computer and applied online for a Target.

Mind you I hadn't applied for a job in over 30 years so I really didn't think I'd get it.  And I know, like I really have the time.  But guess what?  They hired me!  Seriously?  It must have been my charming personality.  Or maybe it was my striking resemblance to that crazy lady in all the Target Christmas commercials (I even had a customer insist it was me...hahahaha  It must be my psychotic personality!)  But I have to say the extra Christmas money is certainly pretty handy (let alone the discount).  Mind you it's only seasonal.  But it does seem like they've had me working quite a bit of hours.  So my time is definitely limited.  And let me tell you, for the fashionista in me, it has been a little bit of a challenge making khaki and red look chic!

But in all the craziness of my life, I've been busy working on a couple projects.  Seriously!  What is it with me and over extending myself!  But these are a couple of pretty darn big and exciting projects!  But you'll have to stay tuned.  In the meantime, I'm going to try to catch up on some project posts I've been working on.  Plus I have to get my Christmas decorating completed!  Darn it anyway.  Anyone want to help a girl out.  LOL!

Again, stay tuned......

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