Sunday, June 28, 2009

Clean-up that Yard with a Little Junk!

Why not add a little junk to the yard. It's fun and gives your yard a lot of character. Make it a funky, junky yard! Vintage, rusty items are a great addition. Here is a sample of some of the things I have.

Does this bag look familiar? Sue from JunkMarket had it in Texas. Fell in love with it and convinced her to save it for me. I looks awesome on my front door. For guests, I just added a vase and some fresh flowers tucked inside of it.

Not sure what this piece was, but it makes a great fern stand. Love the metal tins on the sides. The chippy paint is the icing on the cake!

What a better place to display your fan collection than your front porch! I also have a larger sign that says air conditioned. Just haven't found a place to hang it from yet!

The bench an original from a Paris Park, is over 100 years old. How cool is that!

Here's another of my favorite things, motel chairs. One I original purchased from the Junk Market sales when they had them. The other I found at an antique store. Cool how they match! The table between them came from some factory. It has great patina!

Here's a close-up. The bird cage came with no bottom, but works perfectly to showcase this potted plant.

This is an old turkey feeder. It's great as a planter! Feed, water, grow!

This concrete planter has a little wear, but that makes me love it even more. I've stuck part of a toy axel and wheel in it for a little junk decor.

This was another piece of farm equipment. Holds a fern in it beautifully!

Isn't this a great green chair! I found it at an occasional sale. It fits perfect in my front garden. The cupola is another of my favorate finds.

I don't know what it is with me and fences, but I seem to have a few. Here's a couple of them. The feeders on the larger gate are great with candles. The smaller gate has a perfect place to hold planters.

This is a newer cart, but has weathered being outside. Love it that way. All I added was a large bird house created from architectual finds and a vintage coffee pot with flowers. The house numbers were purchased at a JunkMarket sale years ago, and when we moved replaced the numbers with our current ones.

This is a new urn, but an old style. The stick I placed inside is new as well, but has a vintage feel.

Another old chicken feeder (do I seem to have a thing with chicken feeders, too??). Love the stenciling on it. It's also great with votives.

Isn't this a great piece to hold a planter. Bet you can't guess what it used to be! Check the next picture . . .

It's a wheel axel from an old car. It's missing one of the sides and someone at one point painted it green. Ain't it neat!

This was some sort of dispenser. I found the wash stand for it separately. It's a little on the rusty side so I wouldn't want to use it for beverages. It looks great with a plant in it though!

I found two of these wall sinks. They're perfect for window boxes on my shed!

I just saw a mesh chair like this in Country Living. Very fun vintage chair and great in the garden!

Last but not least, a old metal sun dial.

Now get out there and junk up your yard!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey, Mr. DJ . . .

As many of you know, I am a contributor on the JunkMarket Style website. We recently were given another Contributors Challenge, this time with vintage record albums. I had a little trouble with this one, and it took me awhile to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. As my Dad was a DJ in the late '50s and '60s, I decided I'd do a tribute to him, and with Father's Day just around the corner, it seemed the perfect fit!

He first began his radio career on a local country station, then later progressed to a station that was actually a little before it's time, Talk Radio. He really thrived in that venue (he certainly wasn't afraid to talk or speak his mind) and was maybe the Rush Limbaugh of his day. He really loved to get people riled up! But the odd hours and low wages took it's toll and he eventually moved on to selling insurance. So here's to you Dad. Happy Father's Day!

For this project I started out with nine record albums. After making sure they were each facing the same direction, I stacked them (a few at a time) and drilled four holes in each. They were then attached together with pieces of chain from a hanging chandelier.

Once the albums were attached together, I hung them by a rod that was resting on vintage horse saddle buckles.

Here's a picture of my Dad at work in the early '60s. Love the slicked back hair! Ha! He worked at a station with the call letters WLOL. With four daughters, Linda, Lori, Lanette and Lisa, he would tell people he named them just for the wLoL of it!

When he did talk radio, they use to call him "Mr. Wonderful". The sign holder is magnetic and attaches to the back of the cabinet.

I had started to collect old microphones a few years back. Found out the black one is actually a speaker. No matter, I still think it's just ducky!

Delta Dawn, what's the flower you have on?

After using the albums, I still had to find uses for the album covers. Waste not, want not as they say. So why not showcase them on the guard rail in my hallway? David Bowie anyone?

Do you know how to do the Hustle??? You wouldn't want to see me try!

Or maybe you want to do some Daffy Dances. Do you know the Mashed Potato?

Love this Green Album. How fun!

Or maybe yellow is more your color.

Or maybe country is more your style? Conway Twitty anyone?

Here we have the album persona given me, Tanya Tucker. I really did kind of have the whole hair thing going on during the '80s, with the ultra blond and perm. My husband, well he was actually a little like Lee. We were quite the pair . . . twang, twang!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The French Flea - June Sale "Lady Liberty Enlightening the World", a gift from France. (french)"La liberte eclairant le monde"

Can you believe it's already been a whole month since our last sale? Our first month was absolutely amazing, thanks to all of you. Things were flying out the door left and right. And there were some really incredible deals and fabulous finds.

This month, with the 4th of July looming on the horizon, we are delighted to bring you a patriotic theme with a French twist. You'll be able to wander through our vignettes, sprinkled with elements of old glory, but with a neutral pallet.

In the front of the store you will find a whole wall of mirrors. Can you say mirror, mirror? But then again, you are the best customers of them all! And on the back patio you'll find the more traditional red, white and blue (or should I say bleu in French) to put you in a patriotic spirit.

Here's a sneak peak . . .

We will once again be bringing you unique one of a kind finds, with the best prices in town. So be sure to come early and often as we will be restocking. Until then, au revoir!

Next Month's Theme - Lazy Days of Summer . . . Anoka is hosting their annual Riverfest. Come visit with the locals and enjoy the history of this unique small town. Don't miss the historical homes tour on Sunday, July 12. The French Flea will be featured in one of the homes. For more info, contact Julie at The French Flea is located at 211 East Main Street, Anoka, MN 763.427.1837 between Peterson Shoes and Avant Garden. Check the website for store hours at


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