Monday, January 24, 2011

Chalk-up Another Junk Reuse!

As you saw in my Christmas Tour post, I recently painted a wall off my kitchen in chalkboard paint.  I used a Rustoleum product that is tintable, I chose the grey, but it also comes in a wide variety of fun colors.  An added note, I also found online you can make your own.  But me, I like the easier choice. 

Once the wall was painted, I needed something to hold the accessories; i.e. chalk, eraser, etc.  I found this metal dust pan in my overly crowded garage and thought it would be the perfect piece.  Someone had already drilled holes in it, so it was simply a matter of hanging it.  But it was a little blah and needed some embellishments to make it look more attractive.  Check out what I did......

This is what I started with.  Practical, but not too appealing. 

How's it look now? 

With twigs added to give a little more interest, a few old keys hanging from it adds to the cool junk look!

Being magnetic, it also serves as a note holder.

These homemade magnets make business cards handy. Oops, I guess this ones mine :)

A small juice glass holds the chalk.

If you've ever seen my past posts, I collect the number seven. What a perfect embellishment to the "junk" I found to hold my supplies.

Now we won't forget to go to hockey games!  As if my daughter would ever let me forget!

Looks like the troup is wondering what mama's up to!

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Thanks to Amy of Whisperwood for sponsoring this chalkboard linky party!

And to Kev & Layla Palmer for their "How To's Day"!

The Lettered Cottage

Friday, January 21, 2011

"It's More about You, Less about Everybody Else" Trunk Show!

Lets face it....the holidays can be a bit exhausting and the winter weather can collapse a dome not to mention your spirits. That's why Otten Bros., JUNKMARKET Style, and a few of our favorite friends decided to host a trunk show that's all about one of your favorite! You won't have to worry about the weather because we'll have it in the tropical greenhouse. It's so warm in there we can all pretend we're on an island getaway. Than goodness for immagination. Here's the skinny....

What: The Pamper Yourself Trunk Show, You Deserve It!
When: Saturday, January 29, 2011 from 9AM to 4 PM
Where: Otten Bros. Garden Center and Landscaping, 2350 West Wayzata Blvd, Long Lake MN 55356
Why: Because girls just want to have fun!

April from Country Cake Cupboard will be cooking up something special for lunch at a very special price just for show goers!

For more info on the vendors who will be there, go to the JUNKMARKET Style website here.

Hope to see you there!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cottage Elements Presents: The Final Installment of the On-Line Holiday Home Tour"!

It's been so long, I forgot where I was!  I don't know how these blogger's do it, putting out a post everyday, or even every other day.  I'm so not worthy!  My hat goes off to them. 

So let's see, where was I again?  Oh, yes, finishing my home tour.  Seems like Christmas was already so long ago.  And I'm still taking down my decorations.  I mean seriously?  You don't realize how many you put up, until it's time to take them down.  So here we go.  Continuing on the tour......

The Hearth Room

Aren't battery operated candles great?  These even flicker and are scented!  Seriously?  I was even able to embellish them with ribbon and a single upholstery tack.  The outside of the candle was actually real wax.  Way cool!

I'd  never seen snow shoes like these before, but then again, I'm not much of a winter outdoorsman.  I love the medal and canvas.  It almost gives them an industrial look.  A simple extra-large ornament and a pair of vintage hockey skates jazzes them up a bit. 

The Dining Area

This vintage iron English street sign is all I think my table needs.  Keeps it simple. 

I again this year added branches to my chandelier.  These were actually tamarack branches.   Ornaments hung from them at different heights are great adornments.  The black ornaments I thought were very unique and unexpected.


This past summer I picked up these vintage iron tables.  They fit under this newer table from Ikea to give me extra storage.  I like this arrangement for serving when I have guests over.

What a great saying! 

Old aquariums are great to use for so many things (besides fish)!  The clear bulbs are from the craft store ornaments with the metal pieces removed.  They look a little like "bubbles".  You could probably add ice to this as long as it's still water-tight.

The slats on these tables hold wine bottles perfectly.

These are vintage baby bottles with jingle bells on the bottom.

A great ornament given to me by a friend this year.

The Kitchen
I really didn't do much in the kitchen this year.  Sorry.  This large wall vase is filled with coffee beans.

K....I know I've used these frames throughout the house, but they're so fun (and so cheap)!  Another fun idea is to fill vintage jars with Christmas candy.  Also, handy to have around.  Mmmmmm, good!

This year, instead of painting a tree on the wall, I  painted a chalkboard wall and just drew the tree on

The First Floor Bathroom

Another aquarium, or is it a terrarium?  These vintage Christmas lights are a great filler.  I particularly love that they are all white.

If I ever need a hand, I have  a couple of them here.

 This was a gift from my Cousin Vickie.  She made it from Gramma's buttons.  Thanks, Vickie!  I love it!

My most favorite vintage Christmas Ornament.  It's of a downhill skier.  Though I don't ski, it's a unique piece.

The Mud Room 


This architectural piece I cleaned, stenciled and added the old skeleton key.

This piece which I'm sure is newer, was suppose to hold a flower pot, but I removed it and added the recycled glass bottle. 

Well that's end.  The end of another Christmas season and the end of my on-line home tour.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Take care and stay warm!  It suppose to be below zero here this week.  Yuck!

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