Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Garden Fencing Chandelier

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First, this is not a new or original project.  I saw it first in the Decorating JUNKMARKET Style book.  But I had the fencing and the insulators, so thought it was certainly about time I did something with them!

It all started with this roll of vintage fencing I purchased several years ago...

....and some insulators. Insulators can be found for pretty reasonable prices. I prefer the clear ones, but they also come in brown stoneware and blue glass.

For this project, a bolt cutter is a must if you want to save your hands as the old wire is very thick. You still may get some scratches so you should use gloves as well as wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt.

You'll also need a needle nose pliers and some wire. I used rebar wire.

First thing, cut the fencing and bend it into a chandelier shape. Use the rebar wire to secure it together.

It won't be perfect, but isn't that what we love about vintage?   I also bent the top tines towards the center.

Next attach the insulators to the fencing with the wire.

To add a decorative element, the remaining wire is twisted around a pen.

How's that look?

Finally to finish it off, I made a hanger with the rebar wire. You can also use chain if you'd rather.

Here's another fun vintage project to add to my back deck! The insulators can hold candles (that's what I did), flowers or plants. Again, like in my previous post all I need is a cup of coffee and that good book!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

From Farm to Table!

To see the pictures in a larger format, just click on them.

And no, we're not taking about food here.  But this piece started out with the inspiration of just the glass.  I picked up at a local retail store and knew I wanted a vintage base for it.  When I was out and about junking this past Tuesday I came upon the perfect base.  I don't know whether it came out of a farm or actually from an industrial factory, but it certainly was cool and foot the bill.  It has an amazing patina.  With a little clean-up and some poly it is the perfect table for my deck!

Here's the piece as I found it.  It had great bones and the color is amazing!

All it needed was a good cleaning, some poly and that piece of glass.  Now I have an awesome patio table!

I didn't want too much on top to clutter on top to take away from that amazing patina.

And with that little shelf underneath I can add a cute little outdoor vignette!

And yes, it has these little arms on the side of the legs, but that's okay. That's what's so great about junk. We delight in the little imperfections of things!

And now I have the perfect little seating area to overlook the great outdoors!

And this is what I have to view looking off my deck. So now I've got my coffee, got a good book...perfect summer day. I'm sure loving this weather!  P.S.  Two posts in two weeks!!  Yeah!!  How'm I doing?  LOL!

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To see more of my JUNKMARKET projects, click the link on the side of my blog.


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