Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Occasional Sales in Buffalo, MN

This is a post I did a year ago on the Occasional Sales in Buffalo, MN. Those sales are starting tomorrow, so I thought I'd re-post for new followers and on-lookers. It definitely is worth a trip. People come from all over to shop there. I even know a store owner from Eastern Wisconsin that comes every month and loads up her rental truck. Prices are great, and the vignettes are even better.

By the way, I mentioned Sweet Salvage in the post and that shop is no longer open. That's too bad as it was one of my favorites! But their main store, The Buffalo Nickel, isn't far and is open all the time. Check that one out instead. Hope you enjoy my re-post.

For those of you who are not from Minnesota and are not familiar with occasional sales, they are sales that occur only once a month for about four days. The frenzy that occurs at these sales are definitely something to check out. As the saying goes, buy it when you see it, or it will be gone.

This past weekend I ventured out to Buffalo, MN which is the queen of all occasional sale haunts. I started at a placed called Second Hand Rose, which I think was one of the originals around here. They have fabulous finds and prices usually are pretty good. They have great vignettes, and you can get some great ideas.

Next I ventured out to Sweet Salvage. It's relatively new, just two months old, and an offshoot of The Buffalo Nickel. They, too, have some great vignettes, and I was able to find some pretty good deals.

There are a few more sales in Buffalo, The Porch, Three Sisters . . . a few others that I can't remember their names, but my favorites are definitely Rose's and Sweet Salvage. Also, when you're there,the Nickel is a must to visit. They are open all the time and are known for their selection and displays. With two floors of this old barn, there's a lot to see.

Here are a few of the things I found . . .

Cool box I found at Rose's. Don't know it's use, or what I'll use it for, but I loved it!

This is a wash tub I found. Loved the black. Funny thing when I was bringing it to the counter, someone said to me, where'd you find that . . . guess they had missed it.

Okay, how fun is this! It's an ice cream cone holder. I'm gonna fill it with bottles and put flowers in them, if I can find bottles that fit. Loved it!

This is a nice chippy white table I found at Sweet Salvage. It has some pink peaking through. Again, as I was loading it into my car, someone comment "Your getting that?", like they wanted it. Like I said, "Buy it when you see it!"

For more sales in Buffalo, check out the following links:

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Fall!

I haven't had time to get my fall decorating done yet, so I thought I'd re-post one from last year for now. Maybe it'll inspire me to get going! Ha! Hope you enjoy it. Happy Fall!

Previously Posted on 9/24/08

Fall is in the Air . . .

With the temperatures dropping, and the leaves falling, it's time to get the front porch transformed from summer to fall!

This arrangement on my front door is an old heat duct that had been cut down. It's metal so magnets stick to it.

I purchased this bird house from someone who built it out of vintage pieces. The tea cart I bought new, but after sitting outside for several years, it started to take on this wonderful patina. I love it more now!

This is a 100 year old Paris park bench. I purchased it from an occasional sale in Lindstrom, MN. It looks fabulous on my porch. The pumpkin sitting on it was etched with a saying while it was still growing on the vine. It looks like it came that way naturally :). The sign and pillows were purchased at the Round Barn Potting Co. in Andover, MN.

I purchased this chicken feeder at the Junk Bonanza. My friend, Julie from Design Cafe, stenciled "There's No Place Like Home" on it. Underneath of it is extremely large kale I also purchased at the Bonanza.

This is a very cool cart I purchased at a store in Rogers, MN called the Vintage Cupboard. It is one of my favorites and Karen, the owner, is awesome! I'm not sure what the cart was used for but it's great by my front door. I love it filled with ferns and I added bittersweet to it to make it more fall like.

Here's an old Turkey feeder that's quite a bit larger than the more common chicken feeders.

Check out the extra large white pumpkin!

This I was told is a pig pen gate. Should be in my sons room! Works great to hold my pots and a couple pumpkins. Also in the forefront is a cupola.

Another pumpkin with the etching "Give Thanks" The cement leaves were made by a gal who consigns with me at the Round Barn.

This is a really simple decorating idea of putting a pumpkin on top of an urn.

This bird bath I actually didn't transform from Summer to Fall, but I loved it so much, I left it the way it was. The piece on the top is another thing I don't know what it was used for, but to me it looks like a pumpkin!

Another urn! What can I say? I have a thing for urns!

Enjoy fall you can . . . soon winter will be upon us!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Simple Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Project!

Okay, I love Sue's Simple Monday projects on JUNKMARKET Style! And that inspired me to do a simple project of my own. They're definitely right up my alley. They contain virtually no work, and I like that! But I wasn't sure if it would be a Simple Monday, or if it would be a Simple Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday . . . you get the picture. So whatever day it is, I think simple is good! So here's to simplicity!

This was just a vintage chimney cap. Nothing special, but it had a certain appeal to me.

Okay, from first glance, I know this looks like a wart! Not! Ha Ha! But it is one of those plastic protectors used for furniture. I placed them on the four top corners of this piece. Bet you can guess what I'm doing next!

This works perfect as a small coffee table with a glass top added to it. It's a no work project! Pretty easy don't ya think?

I really love how clean and simple this table looks. It even has a somewhat industrial look to it. And again, no work!

While I'm at it, I thought I'd add another simple project. This piece in it's former life was a chandelier.

Since it no longer worked, it's repurpose seemed natural when flipped.

And when you add a glass table round on the top, you have an instant table. Simple again, yet elegant. How many fun things you can use as a table by just adding glass. Wowzers!

Thought I'd go from table to table top. Anyone know what this piece is? Actually, I'm not sure either. But I have plans for it!

Just a simple piece of glass and it becomes a table rise. Makes for a more inexpected table scape, dontcha think? And guess what, no work!

Finally, here's a vintage bird bath. I thought, why not bring the outside in. With a piece of glass, wah lah, a instant side table! (By the way, why does the cat always want to be in the picture???).

So I hope I can continue the inspiration Sue started and inspire others to do their own Simple Mondays, or whatever day you choose. Cheers to simplicity!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From One Party to Another . . .

Like I told you in my previous post, I was very NOT good at taking pictures at the Junk Bonanza. Most of them were either of our booth, or of friends and people. Sorry. My bad. I took none of the awesome booths that were there, and there were a ton! You'll have to check out some of the blogs I'll post at the bottom to get your fix. And I have to made a note to myself for next year. Take more pictures! We'll se if it helps! LOL!

One of the most rewarding things about the Junk Bonanza was connecting with the people I've met online. The first of my get-togethers, was a Blogger Party put on by the Bonanza. I was fortunate enough to break away from the booth for a short time and attend it. I was so thrilled to be able to go and meet so many great people. This blog world truly is amazing, wouldn't you say?

And one person I made a point to meet, with whom has inspired me from the get go to venture into this big blog community, is Linda MacDonald of Restyled Home. She was fortunate enough to be an attendee at the Bonanza as contributor on the new Flea Market Style magazine coming out in the spring. I was thrilled to meet her after following her blog for more than a year. She is as gracious and wonderful in person, as her blog makes you think. Thanks Linda for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with me!

I was also able to meet Margo, aka Robolady, of Margo's Junkin' Journal. Margo is one who has been into junking for awhile, and probably one of the first junk bloggers. She was ahead of her time! And now, we're all learning to reuse and repurpose. Nice meeting you finally, Margo!

All in all I have to say I think the Blogger Party was a great success. I just wish I would have spent time meeting more people. Darn! But I guess I needed to go back to the booth and sell, sell, sell! But really, I could have stayed and talked for hours! Thanks to Ki and the Bonanza staff for sponsoring this great event. And thanks for Linda and Margo for participating in it!

The line starts, wow!

Margo of Margo's Junking' Journal. Last year I seemed to miss her. So glad we could meet up this year!

At the blogger party with Linda MacDonald

Thursday evening I was able to coordinate a little get-together with fellow JUNKMARKET Style members who were in town for the Bonanza. With the approval of our fearless leader, Sue Whitney, I planned a party at her abode. Included in the festivities were the Pfarkel Sisters which included Sharon, Janelle and Diane, of Junk Redefined, Amy of Junkologie, Laurel aka Chipping Charm, Gretchen of Mimi-torias, Noreen aka JunkerMidge of Refunction Junktion, Don of West End Architectural Salvage, Kimberly Melamed, Donna of Reinvented Style, the Kountry Junkers and Kim of Rockler Woodworking. Here's hoping I didn't miss anyone. Yikes!

In addition, we were also able to include in the festivities a belated birthday party for Ms. Sue. Happy birthday! It was an all around gas, and like the Contributors Reunion at Oronoco, we got little sleep. When we all get together. We sure can talk! But it seems we have a lot to catch up on. What a great group!

The rest of the show continued to be success, but like I keep saying, the best part was connecting with people. Junkers are the best! We are like family and there are so many great people. There's nothing like 'em.

Why does everyone congregate in the kitchen???

Happy birthday, Sue! Of course we put Sharon of the Pfarkel Sisters to work!

Sue, me and the Pfarkel Sisters. What a bunch!

Hey, it's me and the Kountry Junkers.

JMS Member Laurel, of Chipping Charm. What a sweetie!

Don, of West End Architectual Salvage and Miss Sue. He was a hoot!

Donna of Reinvented Style. Another sweetie.

And last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite JMS members, Noreen, or fondly know as JunkerMidge! She drove all the way from Michigan! Thanks for coming, Midge!!! Loved spending time with you!

For more pictures and info on the event, check out the following blogs: Restyled Home, Forever* Cottage, Margo's Junking Journal, and Reinvented Style.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Woooh, doggy . . . It was a Rip Rooring Good Time!

Well, after a much needed day of rest I'm back in the saddle to share with ya'll the great time I had at this years Bonanza. Unfortunately I was a wee bit busy to take a ton of pictures. Oops . . . my bad! But I'll share a few pics in a couple of posts.

The weekend started out with a bang. Early shopping was between 8:00 to 10:00 and it seems there was about 100 people waiting in line when the doors opened. Yippee. They say around 400 in all went through the doors as early birds. Not too much to be overwelming. Just enough to make it a relaxing enjoyable time.

At 10:00, that story changed. I wasn't able to go outside to check it out for myself, but they say there were about 400 people standing in line. Wowzers! And once they hit the inside, it seemed a bit overwhelming. Ready or not here they came! And with our booth, being second on the left, we were one of the first to get hit. Let me tell you, we were busy, busy, busy. And with unusually warm temps for September, and being out in the tent, we were working up a sweat!

I guess I should explain to you who was in the booth with me. There were actually four of us. We had Sue Wolfe, of Destination Art and my former boss at The Round Barn , Julie Pierce of the French Flea, and finally Gretchen Schaumann of Mimi-Torias Designs. I have been good friends with these girls, so we made a great team. And boy we needed to be with the crowd we had! Be sure to check out their websites by clicking on their names. They are a bunch of talented women!

Here are some pictures of our booth. More pictures from the event will be in the next post. We also sneaked in (or is it snuck?) a little "JUNKMARKET Style" members get together and birthday party for Miss Sue Whitney. Pictures and info of that little shindig will be also forthcoming. But for now, enjoy!

The crew: Sue Wolfe, Julie Pierce, Moi', and Gretchen Schaumann

Sue's Canvases and Tin Signs

Julie's Pots

I loved this chippy railing. It went to a good home . . .

Gretchen's amazing jewelry. I was able to snag a piece that was featured in the Star and Tribune. Lucky me!

Some of my vintage pieces . . .

Julie brought these wonderful clock faces.

This shelf was perfect for these vintage locker baskets.

This was an amazing cabinet. Some lucky gal was thrilled to find it. Due to the size of our booth and the amount of stuff we brought, we squeezed everything we could into it Good thing we did, we were looking a little sparse by the end of the sale! But that's a good thing, right?

That's it for now. More coming so stay tuned . . .


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