Monday, July 27, 2009

Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details - JUNKMARKET Style

Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details - JUNKMARKET Style

Heads up for a sale done in JunkMarket Style! Lots of cool things just waiting to be snatched up by some lucky Junker. This is a whale of a sale, so if you live in Minnesota, or are in need of a road trip, you won't want to miss it. It's not just a garage sale, it's an experience!

The details are as follows...

Where: 3300 Bayside Road, Long lake, Minnesota, 55356

When: July 30th through August 1st

Hours: Thursday, July 30 - 8AM to 7 PM; Friday, July 31 - 8 AM to 5 PM; Saturday, August 1 - 8AM to 5 PM; Sunday - We'll see what happens!

Be sure to click on the above link for more pictures!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White . . .

So with all the media coverage on the passing of Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace), I've been singing that song (though I really don't know the words) in my head. It started me thinking of how I love using Black and White in decorating. I sometimes throw color accents in the mix just for fun, but black and white is my main palate. I LOVE this (to my husbands dismay) as you can change it up so easily. Here are some examples . . .

I found these vintage B&W canisters at an occasional sale and they were very inexpensive. Pairing them up with white cups, glass and stainless makes a perfect compo. And guess what? No color!

Ooooh, this bell is so coool. Just the right amount of black metal showing through the chippy white paint.

This cupboard is a married piece. I purchased the top at an occasional sale and the bottom piece, originally a dresser, came from a thrift store. It works perfect for my white stoneware, and brown transferware. Okay, I guess brown is a color :)

Love this B&W canvas my girlfriend made for me. It has Minneapolis landmarks and our salon name. No need for color!

I have white sofas, but no worries they have slip covers! The window that's behind it is from an old church, which I absolutely love, and I'm lucky...I have two! The vintage shutter I think is simple yet impacting.

I'd love to know the history of this B&W Cafe sign. I guess it's now just a part of Lani's Cafe!

What can you do with a bird bath? Make it into a table of course! I've added a black scale and gauge. These flowers sitting in the McCoy pot are made from cut tin and faucet knobs I purchased at a sale. How clever!

This is my kitchen. Can you tell I like B&W? Maybe a little obvious!

Is it me, or is the European coffee grinder the cutest thing? Nothing gets better than B&W polka dots!

Another great B&W canvas, this time with coffee words. The tube filled with coffee beans and the old scoop is the icing on the cake!

Okay, I know, another sign. But if you know me from previous posts, I love signs! And the grayed wood is the perfect accent to the black letters and the white chipping paint. Magnifique!

How about some white on white? I found a pair of these motel chairs for a steal! And you know how I love grates . . .

Okay, I guess this has a little color (yellow's a color isn't it?). Ha! But a little muted color is all good. Right? My manikan is one of my favorite things. Haven't named her yet, any suggestions?

Some B&W in a kitchen cupboard. And more fab polka dots!

How about putting some B&W outside on the Porch? I made this sign on an old board. It'll look great with my fan collection, once I put it up!

I even have a black and white cat! Ha! Is that obsessed?? I actually had two B&W ones, but one died :( (they looked like bookends--ha!). The other two of my three are gray and white, of course! I love my cats!

I'd love to hear your opinions. I'm I too blah? Do you like more color to your rooms? I heard people say they're tired of white/cream/black. Is that possible? And where do you think the trends are going to? What are your thoughts!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Save the Date . . . Blogger Part-ay!

Amy from Junkologie has been a busy girl. She's been a plannin' and has put together a Part-ay! That's a blogger part-ay, for all us fellow bloggers. Should be a wing-ding of a time. We'll be meeting in Oronoco, Minnesota for the state's biggest Flea Market. The whole town get's into the spirit of things and it's really a grand old time. More details (including a map) are provided and will continue to be provided over the next few weeks on the Junkologie blog! Stay tuned . . .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Wedding Made in Heaven

Last weekend I had the honor and privilege of helping my friend, Sue Wolfe, setup for her son Jake's wedding. I've know Sue for a long time, ever since I started working with her when she was owner of The Round Barn in Andover, MN. She is one of the most creative people I know and when I saw the amazing work she did on her son's wedding, I know I had to share it!

Her son Jake, is very much a romantic at heart and his new wife, Jill, is a very lucky girl. They are the perfect couple, and their wedding couldn't have been any more perfect. Their story is a fairytale, meeting as kids when they lived next door to each other, growing up, going their own way, and then having fate bring them back together. So how perfect to start their life together with an amazing wedding. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

This canvas poster was created by Sue as a wedding give to her son and daughter-in-law. She sells similar posters at the Round Barn Potting Co. in Andover, MN. They are a BIG seller.

As you entered the reception room there was a sign that listed the table you were to sit at. It was created by the groom's aunt in calligraphy. It truly is a work of art and a great reminder for them long after the wedding is over.

An engagement picture also greeted you. They photographer caught them in mid-air high fiving! Wow!

The bridal party's table was decorated with natural growing plants, annuals and perennials, along with some wire flowers and large silver balls. The bottle of wine was purchased in Spain by the groom to be saved for his bride when he got married. Aaaah . . . .

A view of the ballroom. Each table was decorated with a theme specific to the bride and groom. They were also decorated with growing plants that the guests were able to take with them. This table was done with a "We Fest Theme", a Country Western event (thus the CD's).

Love the lanterns hanging from the ceiling!

The cake plate is actually a planter and a lazy susan from Ikea painted to match. The "W" adds a whimsical effect!

This table had an Anoka Theme, the high school they both attended.

Bachelor and Bachelorette

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game!" This one has a baseball theme.

This one features Chisago, a city in Minnesota where they go every Sunday to visit family and have a bonfire. Love how creative Sue was with the recreating a bonfire? The flame is actually an electric tea light surrounded by twigs.

The couple loves to camp and this table was devoted to that. Here we have marshmallows on a stick and some small logs. How cute!

The engagement table with a picture of the ring.

The clock signifies the time he proposed.

Each table had a story that explained the theme. This tells about the engagement. Like I said, he's a romantic.

Here we have a live Beta fish. This table's theme was Florida. The fish ended up being a gift to one of the kids at the wedding.

Jill, the bride, is a German teacher and the couple took a trip before the wedding to Germany.

Sue's parents live in Grand Rapids, MN in a golfing retirement community. This table is dedicated to that. Love the golf balls on a stick!

Jake is an avid hunter and the two go hunting together.

The honeymoon was in Punta Cana. This may be one of my favorite tables. I just love the red flippers!

They visited the Valley of Fire.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. LOL!
I'm sure these kids behaved themselves.

The wedding themed table.

At the church, the altar flowers were beautiful hydrangeas that could be planted when done. Talk about being green!

What a gorgeous bride!

The bridesmaid dresses were simple and elegant!

The happy couple!

Proud Mama and Dad of the groom.

Your chauffeur awaits . . .

What an awesome vintage jag!

The ballroom filled with guests.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. To read more of Jake and Jill's story check out their website at


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