Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can I Have Your Number???

When I was thinking about doing this post (I knew I wanted to do it on numbers) I couldn't get that dumb Mad TV spoof out of my head (see attached link at So that's why I titled it "Can I Have Your Number?". You see, I simply love numbers and I seem to find multiple ways to display them around the house. What is it the makes them so fun? They just seem to add a little extra to some otherwise plain things. So I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Oh, and you have a beautiful day!

This is my #7 collection. It's my consignment number at a few places I sell at. I have a mixture of pieces and I don't know what they were exactly used for. Just love how they look together!
Up close look at some of my 7s.

This is an old metal file box. I just stenciled the numbers on it.

This is actually a European house number I picked up at one of the vintage import places. I bought several of them and I have them scattered around the house. Here I added it to a Chinese Basket I also found there.

Another example of a European house number where I simply framed it.

And here I added it to an old army basket.
Love these!

What is it with me and house numbers???? Actually this is a vintage piece I simply changed out to be my house numbers. Is it for the birds?

These are magnets made by a friend of mine. Love the big sunflower in the picture (and my son of course).

What's behind door #1? Actually just my bedroom, but on all the bedroom doors upstairs I placed a number (similar to that sold by UpperCase Living). My son's room, door #2, pays the most rent! LOL!

Bet you can't guess where this number is from? Well maybe some of you can, if you're a farmer. It's a cow tag. Makes a great addition to a bottle of wine (notice the bottle is almost empty). Hic!

This vintage locker basket already had the numbers on it. Love the color!

These are old grain scoops. I cleaned 'em up (boy were they dirty) and stenciled the number on them. I have #1 through #3 hanging from a chippy pillar in my bathroom. They look beautiful with a tealite in them.

This is actually a necklace give to me from another JMS member. I just embellished a hand towel with it.

Okay, maybe one more picture of house numbers . . . ha! This was purchased at an occasional sale. Not my house number, but cute just the same.

More cow tags (or do we want more cow bell...ha)! This time I attached an old key to it and it hangs from a new Pottery Barn sign. Any one need a room?

Here's a closer look. Notice the old Sheriton key?

Finally, a recent purchase of mine, this necklace. It has a number on it. No significance. Just an awesome piece!

Hope you liked my collection. I'd love to hear your thoughts and maybe what you collect. Have a great fourth of July weekend and stay safe!


alice said...

I love your style!I am sorry we are not closer so you could help me spiff up.LOL
Smiles, Alice

Missy said...

Oh Lani...I know I can always COUNT on you to inspire me!

Love the pics and LOVE the numbers!



Your blog is so wonderful, I truly love it, I can always count on you to come up with great pictures that inspire, thank you and keep up the good work.Donna

LuLu said...

OH OH oh i love all your numbers!!! Your post was wonderful and now I need to find myself some cow tags!

Karen Valentine said...

What a great post with so many fabulous ideas!!! I'm so glad I found you! I'm going to add you to my blog roll right now!!!

My Desert Cottage

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

I love all your numbers!!! Fantastic imagination! Where did you come across the number pendant?? It is great. So glad I found your blog! I am a junker girl too! Janna

trash talk said...

What happens when the numbers don't add up? Just kidding. I love old cow tags too...I just haven't figured out (up until now) something clever to do with them.

Margo said...

Lani, I looooove numbers too, and I'm green with envy at some of the ones you've shown. Thanks for the inspiration. See you at the Bonanza in Sept.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

LOVE your "number" me an idea!


maryboys said...

this post is full of incredibly beautiful things...i just love numbers, too:) i hope to visit your shop/sale someday...maybe this fall, i'm thinking...

Zane Wooder said...

It's interesting how people can use numbers to form art. Whenever I see numbers I think of logical things like solving a puzzle or understanding a problem. Just having random numbers on something for artistic reasons is unusual but neat.

-Zane of ontario honey


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