Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Time in Minnesota

Someone's playing a very mean trick on us here in Minnesota.  Seriously.  It's suppose to be Spring!  It is April 20 for goodness sake!  But we all awoke to a winter wonderland this morning.  And it may be gorgeous, but so is green grass and garden flowers.  I mean really?  I am so ready for Spring to come....please?  But in the meantime, here I am taking pictures of the snow.  Hopefully these will be the very last pictures we'll see of snow for this year.  And maybe the next outdoor pictures I take will be of my garden.  Here's to summer!!

Until next time,

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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Desk Reorganization ala Junk Style!

I'm not one to be very organized to say the least. And my home desk is often a place for disarray. But with a little help from some good old vintage junk, I'm hoping to solve this problem.....

This is the first piece that's gonna help me do that. Can someone tell me what it is? No matter, it's just what I need. Looks like my cat is curious again on what I'm doing. Either that or she just likes being in my pictures  :-)

How's this for a pencil/pen holder?

It use to hold drill bits.

Next on the list? Something for note paper. I think it was originally used for a calendar. But we junkers always like to use things for different purposes, now don't we.

Can't take credit for this repurpose idea, but it'll give my desk a little embellishment. The door knob piece is metal so with a magnet and a metal tag made by my friend and fellow JMS contributor Sue Wolfe, it'll add a little extra pizzazz.

A vintage date calendar and a slate board from Pottery Barn will help keep me on track...hopefully!

And because the piece is metal, it will be another place to hold memos and business cards.

With this piece, I'll always be able to find note won't be walking off!

Another little embellishment. The key fob was purchased at one of the JUNKMARKET sales.

There you have it. All neat and tidy...and all in one place.

On the other side of the desk, beekers with ivy cuttings are displayed with some red gears all stacked up and holding a wire flower.  A vintage dresser mirror serves as a tray.

Now if my desk could always be this neat!

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