Friday, January 16, 2009

Decorating Between the Seasons

I'm in a dilemma. It's not Christmas, and it's not Spring. So how do I decorate? Do I take down all the seasonal decorations . . . Winter and Christmas? Or can I leave the Winter decorations up, including the trees?

I just felt I wasn't ready to take everything down. My house would be too bare. So this is what I decided. Winter could stay . . . snowflakes, trees, snow . . . but not Santas, ornaments, or Christmas lights. I still have seasonal decorations, just no Christmas.

Now I'd like to hear from you. How do you decorate between the seasons? Do you take all the decorations down, or do you leave some up? I'm just curious. And then let me know what you think of my Winter decor. Do you think it still looks to Christmas-y? Or do you tend to just be so sick of Winter you put Spring out anyway? Let me know. I appreciate your comments.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Say It Ain't So Joe, . . .

It can't be! Please say it ain't so, Joe? How can a magazine that's been around so long, and so admired be coming to an end?

Alas it's true. Country Home, after twenty-five years will be publishing it's last issue in March. With the down turn in the economy, and the lack of advertising, they are bidding a fond farewell. They have had a great run and I for one will miss them. But then I knew, when they were no longer going to run the ever so popular segment "Cool Junk" things were not looking good on the horizon.

So what will replace them? Maybe on-line blogs? Possibly. But to me there is something about holding a magazine in your hands, looking at the many beautiful pictures, and reading the inspiring articles. Hopefully someone can figure out how to publish a magazine and make it still profitable. And as to my previous post on Junk Market Style Magazine, hopefully we'll be seeing more magazines like that. I can only hope. And that they'll be there to replace those we're losing. Please????

One suggestion for this demise, made by a friend of mine, is that people are no longer interested in vintage decorating. Whether it be Cottage, Country, Shabby Chic or Victorian. Is it that the youth of today are no longer respectful and appreciative of the things from the past? Possibly so. But that's something I personally want to help change. And why can't you have both? New and old?

In 2009 this is going to be my decorating mission. To teach people you can do both. You can mix new and old, modern and vintage, urban and cottage. Go for it. Mix it up. I refuse to let new items completely replace the old. Dare I say I'm gonna be "green" on this issue. Conscious of reusing rather than replacing. Helping our youth appreciate this style of decorating. Will you join me?

And in the solemn moment . . . and with a moment of silence, I bid ado to Country Home.



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