Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Just Poppin' in to Say Hi!"

Well hello there!   You may have noticed, but I was absent again for a little bit.  I actually was on vacation.   Yippee skippy and lucky me!!  But I just had to pop in and say "hi", to let you know I haven't forgotten about y'all.  I was actually in Texas takin' in some of their good ole southern hospitality!  Loved Texas!  Hopin' I'll be able to get back there again real soon.  It was for the National Disabled Hockey Tournament and got to watch my daughter play with her team, the Minnesota Special Hockey Stars.  I didn't get any antiquing in (darn nab it).  But that's really okay.  It was a family affair, so they took precedence.

Stay tuned.  I've got a give-a-way in the works.  Keep your eyes pealed!

Until then,

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Does This Side Table Stack Up?

Does this side table stack up? I think the answer is a definite YES!! I recently purchased these newspaper books. They're all from the City of Glencoe, Minnesota and house each year of the Glencoe Newspaper, from the early 1900's up to the 1960's. What a great find! And how fun to flip through them!

Each book was dated by the year.

Most of them were actually hardbound, but this one had a cardboard cover with the date stamped on the top. It was also nailed together. Yes, I said nailed. Very unique!

It was fun looking through the ads and articles. This one is kind of funny. Anyone need any dead stock....eeeew!

The cartoons are hilarias! I'm wondering if this is how all the kids are feeling right about now with all this amazing weather!

I found two articles in one of the books about this same man. One was annoucing his retirement, the other announcing his death. Makes you not want to ever retire!

Hey guys! You can get your new suits just in time for Easter! Ha! Okay, now I'm getting way too carried away looking through all the articles and ads!!

So back to my side table. It became totally obvious what these needed to be when I had them all stacked up...a side table!

Waa-laa! Instant side table! Easy peazy!

And I actually think the backside looks just as cool.

This numbered box goes with the flow on JUNKMARKET Style Contributor Jim Healy's Top Ten List to hold the remotes.

Now I'm all set to sit down and watch my favorite shows! American Idol anyone?

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools or Happy Monday!

So maybe it's "late" April Fools, but I snatched this picture of our cat "Indy" in the only spot of sun he could find, bathing himself.  He even placed his paw in the appropriate spot so to be more discrete.  It was so cute, I felt it would give everyone a good "April Fools" laugh, or if you read this tomorrow, maybe just a Monday morning pick-me-up.  He's a strange creature and sometimes I can't figure out if he really thinks he's a dog, or perhaps even human.  And yes, I have caught him watching TV sitting like that!  Like I said, he's a strange creature.  April Fools or Happy Monday!  

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