Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mid-Winter Junk Swap - JUNKMARKET Style


Need something fun to do on these cold winter days?  How about a junk swap with fellow junkers?  Check this out on JUNKMARKET Style!  Should be fun!

Click on the following link: 

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's that I Here? Another JUNKMARKET Giveaway??

That's right, you heard me right.  It's another JUNKMARKET Giveaway!  So if you missed out on the first giveaway, you've got another chance.  Woo hoo!

If you haven't been to Kathy's blog, you really need to check it out.  She's a fellow Contributor on JMS, and we want to encourage you all to become members on the amazing JMS website.  So thus, another giveaway!   And along with her giveaway, she is once again putting Sue Whitney of JMS to the test.  She's got some really tough questions for her; but alas, she can't stump Sue.  Sue's got some dynamite answers!  

But what is Kathy giving away?  Not just the three things I offered, but she's added some extra goodies to the mix.  Well how cool is that? 

So don't just sit there.  Jump on over to her blog by clicking on the blogger button on the side of this blog or the picture at the top, and good luck!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Repost - Decorationg Between the Seasons

Many of you are may be new followers of mine, so I thought I'd go back into my vast blog archives (cough, cough).  Okay, maybe not so vast.  But I thought I'd do a re-post of one I did back in January of  2009.   In it I was pondering how to decorate between the seasons of  New Years and Spring.   Take a look and I'd love to know your thoughts on the matter.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Decorating Between the Seasons

I'm in a dilemma. It's not Christmas, and it's not Spring. So how do I decorate? Do I take down all the seasonal decorations . . . Winter and Christmas? Or can I leave the Winter decorations up, including the trees?

I just felt I wasn't ready to take everything down. My house would be too bare. So this is what I decided. Winter could stay . . . snowflakes, trees, snow . . . but not Santas, ornaments, or Christmas lights. I still have seasonal decorations, just no Christmas.

Now I'd like to hear from you. How do you decorate between the seasons? Do you take all the decorations down, or do you leave some up? I'm just curious. And then let me know what you think of my Winter decor. Do you think it still looks to Christmas-y? Or do you tend to just be so sick of Winter you put Spring out anyway? Let me know. I appreciate your comments.

To read some of the comments from my original post from 2009 click here.   What's interesting to me looking back is this year, I am so sick of cold, snow and winter, I've taken everything down.  I can't wait until spring!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well Worn, But Well Loved

I have a huge fondness for Ironstone.  The problem?  Sometimes it can be way too expensive.  But if you'd like to start a  collection, and don't want to spend a ton, look for the pieces that have been well used.  I seem to have more of an attachment to them anyways, and I look at their wear more as a work of art, than damage.  Who knows, you may also be pleasantly surprised at how reasonably priced they can be.

Each of these pieces were picked up for a song.  The large pitcher was a mere $10.  The smaller darker cream piece has wonderful color and crazing.


Some more well loved pieces.  The more discoloration, the better!

And what's a small crack anyway?  This vintage compote's a perfect choice for my bathroom.

How lovely is this coffee pot!  I paid a small price for it, just $25.  If it was perfect, it probably would have been far more expensive.

Love this piece.  Very interesting detail.  A prized possession,  with all it's warts and all!

I wish . . . I had more ironstone?

Okay, so I may not have taken all my Christmas decorations down yet.  My bad!

This brown transferware water pitcher I purchased in actually quite good  condition.  But the piece underneath of it is just as appealing to me.

So when you're out looking for pieces, look for those that may have had a "full" life!  They may actually mean more to you. 

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Monday, January 18, 2010

And the Winner Is . . . . Drum Roll Please . . .

Again, thanks to all who entered and who now are members on the JUNKMARKET Style website.  I wish I could send each and every one of you something.  But I think the website in itself is a treat and I think you will be glad to be a part of such an amazing site.  We've all become somewhat of a family there.  So even if you missed the contest, you still can go to the site and join.  We'd love to have you!

So without further ado, the Giveaway winner is:    



Da da da da!  Marge Utley of  EmmasNookandGranny.

Congrats, Marge!

Again, thanks to all again who entered.  See you on the Junk Pile!  

The Giveway is Officially Closed

The JUNMARKET Giveaway is officially closed.  Check back sometime later today for the winner to be announced.  Thanks to all of you who entered!  Hope to see some of your projects on JUNKMARKET Style!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

JUNKMARKET Giveaway Reminder - Ends Today, Sunday, January 17!

Just a reminder, the giveaway is nearing a close (today, Sunday, January 17 at Midnight).  For more info on how to enter and my interview with Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, click on the following link at New Year, New Giveaway!  Here is sample of one of the items you could win, Sue's latest book, Junk Beautiful -  Outdoor Edition.   Great junk creations, awesome ideas, beautiful pictures!






From Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition

Sue Whitney – Author, Douglas E. Smith – Photographer, The Taunton Press - Publisher


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