Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From One Party to Another . . .

Like I told you in my previous post, I was very NOT good at taking pictures at the Junk Bonanza. Most of them were either of our booth, or of friends and people. Sorry. My bad. I took none of the awesome booths that were there, and there were a ton! You'll have to check out some of the blogs I'll post at the bottom to get your fix. And I have to made a note to myself for next year. Take more pictures! We'll se if it helps! LOL!

One of the most rewarding things about the Junk Bonanza was connecting with the people I've met online. The first of my get-togethers, was a Blogger Party put on by the Bonanza. I was fortunate enough to break away from the booth for a short time and attend it. I was so thrilled to be able to go and meet so many great people. This blog world truly is amazing, wouldn't you say?

And one person I made a point to meet, with whom has inspired me from the get go to venture into this big blog community, is Linda MacDonald of Restyled Home. She was fortunate enough to be an attendee at the Bonanza as contributor on the new Flea Market Style magazine coming out in the spring. I was thrilled to meet her after following her blog for more than a year. She is as gracious and wonderful in person, as her blog makes you think. Thanks Linda for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with me!

I was also able to meet Margo, aka Robolady, of Margo's Junkin' Journal. Margo is one who has been into junking for awhile, and probably one of the first junk bloggers. She was ahead of her time! And now, we're all learning to reuse and repurpose. Nice meeting you finally, Margo!

All in all I have to say I think the Blogger Party was a great success. I just wish I would have spent time meeting more people. Darn! But I guess I needed to go back to the booth and sell, sell, sell! But really, I could have stayed and talked for hours! Thanks to Ki and the Bonanza staff for sponsoring this great event. And thanks for Linda and Margo for participating in it!

The line starts, wow!

Margo of Margo's Junking' Journal. Last year I seemed to miss her. So glad we could meet up this year!

At the blogger party with Linda MacDonald

Thursday evening I was able to coordinate a little get-together with fellow JUNKMARKET Style members who were in town for the Bonanza. With the approval of our fearless leader, Sue Whitney, I planned a party at her abode. Included in the festivities were the Pfarkel Sisters which included Sharon, Janelle and Diane, of Junk Redefined, Amy of Junkologie, Laurel aka Chipping Charm, Gretchen of Mimi-torias, Noreen aka JunkerMidge of Refunction Junktion, Don of West End Architectural Salvage, Kimberly Melamed, Donna of Reinvented Style, the Kountry Junkers and Kim of Rockler Woodworking. Here's hoping I didn't miss anyone. Yikes!

In addition, we were also able to include in the festivities a belated birthday party for Ms. Sue. Happy birthday! It was an all around gas, and like the Contributors Reunion at Oronoco, we got little sleep. When we all get together. We sure can talk! But it seems we have a lot to catch up on. What a great group!

The rest of the show continued to be success, but like I keep saying, the best part was connecting with people. Junkers are the best! We are like family and there are so many great people. There's nothing like 'em.

Why does everyone congregate in the kitchen???

Happy birthday, Sue! Of course we put Sharon of the Pfarkel Sisters to work!

Sue, me and the Pfarkel Sisters. What a bunch!

Hey, it's me and the Kountry Junkers.

JMS Member Laurel, of Chipping Charm. What a sweetie!

Don, of West End Architectual Salvage and Miss Sue. He was a hoot!

Donna of Reinvented Style. Another sweetie.

And last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite JMS members, Noreen, or fondly know as JunkerMidge! She drove all the way from Michigan! Thanks for coming, Midge!!! Loved spending time with you!

For more pictures and info on the event, check out the following blogs: Restyled Home, Forever* Cottage, Margo's Junking Journal, and Reinvented Style.


Cassie said...

Lani, your booth looked spectacular! I'm so sorry we couldn't make year I SWEAR!! We just had too many scheduling conflicts! Looks like we missed a great time!! How can I get in touch with Sue to purchase one of her pieces?

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Cassie, I met someone who went to Junk Fest. Can't remember who, but said you gals were wiped. Good to hear you had a great sale! Next year we'll have to definitely plan something during the Bonanza.

As to Sue's pieces, I set up a blog for her at Her e-mail is She had an amazing sale at the Bonanza. But that doesn't surprise me one bit. Stay well!



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