Saturday, September 6, 2008

Buffalo, MN Occasional Sales

For those of you who are not from Minnesota and are not familiar with occasional sales, they are sales that occur only once a month for about four days. The frenzy that occurs at these sales are definitely something to check out. As the saying goes, buy it when you see it, or it will be gone.

This past weekend I ventured out to Buffalo, MN which is the queen of all occasional sale haunts. I started at a placed called Second Hand Rose, which I think was one of the originals around here. They have fabulous finds and prices usually are pretty good. They have great vignettes, and you can get some great ideas.

Next I ventured out to Sweet Salvage. It's relatively new, just two months old, and an offshoot of The Buffalo Nickel. They, too, have some great vignettes, and I was able to find some pretty good deals.

There are a few more sales in Buffalo, The Porch, Three Sisters . . . a few others that I can't remember their names, but my favorites are definitely Rose's and Sweet Salvage. Also, when you're there,the Nickel is a must to visit. They are open all the time and are known for their selection and displays. With two floors of this old barn, there's a lot to see.

Here are a few of the things I found . . .

Cool box I found at Rose's. Don't know it's use, or what I'll use it for, but I loved it!

This is a wash tub I found. Loved the black. Funny thing when I was bringing it to the counter, someone said to me, where'd you find that . . . guess they had missed it.

Okay, how fun is this! It's an ice cream cone holder. I'm gonna fill it with bottles and put flowers in them, if I can find bottles that fit. Loved it!

This is a nice chippy white table I found at Sweet Salvage. It has some pink peaking through. Again, as I was loading it into my car, someone comment "Your getting that?", like they wanted it. Like I said, "Buy it when you see it!"


Anonymous said...

great finds...great blog!


Anonymous said...
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Zane Wooder said...

I think that box was used for keys for a hotel or something like that. That is just a guess though.

-Zane of ontario honey


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