Monday, March 16, 2009

That's What I Call an Ice-Cycle!

Okay, I know this bike has been posted on a few blogs, but if you haven't had a chance to see it, I had to post it again! My pictures may not be as good, but how cool is this! With the spring thaw, the melted snow ran off the roof of barn (Round Barn Potting Co.) and onto this painted bicycle. You couldn't have planned it better if you tried! It's nature's art!

Here's hoping for no more winter and only Spring! For more pictures check out these blogs Round Barn Potting Co. and Mimi-Torias Designs.


DUTA said...

I like the light and dark brown background of your blog. Nice items you have on it.

Kathy said...

Lani - I haven't seen the picture yet - that is so cool! It's really a work of art - thanks to Mother Nature!

Ki said...

How cool is that photo! Have fun in Texas!

Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

Wow! This is so cool! Like you couldn't have planned it better it you had tried! Thanks for sharing!

French Cupboard said...

Oh my gorgeousness! How darling. Thanks for sharing. I hadn't seen it before. And now I'm off to check out "junk beautiful".

Quick note... Tomorrow is the monthly drawing for the followers of the French Cupboard blog! The French Cupboard is moving to Typepad soon (don’t worry, we’ll auto-redirect everything so you don’t have to search the blog haystack for us). As a follower of our blog though, you qualify for our monthly drawings and because our feed url is changing, we want to give you the opportunity to continue following the Cupboard at typepad. Just use this link to continue to follow:

Blessings... Polly

Zane Wooder said...

Wait so you forgot about your bike or you did this intentionally?

-Zane of ontario honey


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