Monday, April 13, 2009

Final Post of My Advertures with Ms. Sue and the Junk Gang

After a busy Easter Weekend (I had 18 people over for Easter dinner!), I figured I needed to complete my posts on my Marburger adventures before I forget all the fun things we did. I've included a ton of pictures, so hopefully I won't bore you!

On Wednesday we were back at Marburger manning the booth, with Sue doing more book signings and giving a Green Ribbon Tour of the show. She was very popular and gracious enough to continue signing books even past her allotted. time. We did take a little time to jet off to a place called Chula's where they had an awesome selection of vintage dresses for the Junk Gypsy Prom. I was able to find a sequin, rhinestone and pearl jacket, Elizabeth found a wonderful pink flirty prom dress, Kimberly picked up an awesome long flowing red skirt with layers of tulle, and Georgia purchased a black layered western skirt for the event. Sue was able to find a long vintage olive green velvet dress, but later opted for something she already had.

Later that evening we attended an event of wine and hors devours at the Red Barn and mingled with some of the vendors, while getting in a little more shopping. That followed with dinner at a local steak restaurant. We ended the evening with a night of talking and Sue looking for fire ants. If you have a story to tell about fire ants, but sure to share it with Sue. Ha ha!

The last day we were there we headed out to Warrington and did a little shopping there. Sue picked up some great metal chairs she planned to use on the Today show. I wasn't really looking for much, but had fun seeing all the great stuff and was able to pick up the rest of my wardrobe for the Prom.

We finished off the night with a barbecue back at the Heartland and then the dance with the Junk Gypsies. What a hoot that was! All the southern hospitality just blew me away. We danced until midnight and never laughed so hard. What a great group of people I was with. I will never forget this adventure and hope to return again in the fall. Here are the remainder of my pictures from that memorable time. To see more Junk Gypsy pictures, check out Theresa's blog at

This guy was great! He was selling and strumming.

Wonderful vintage Coke and Advertising Collectibles.

Oh, I do love rust!

These guys were a little disturbing!

How cute were these two. Notice the sun glasses on the one!

I saw lot of European/French Country Antiques. Love 'em!

The Magnolia Pearl Booth

Sue and Kathy having a little down time between book signings at Shelly's booth!

Part of the Gang, minus Sue and Georgia, at the Red Barn.

Coffee? Tea? Elizabeth? She's so darn cute!

Don't we make a cute couple? Ha!

Elizabeth and Kimberly behaving like children, having fun on a teeter-totter!

Love that "E"!

The three clowns . . . Kimberly, Elizabeth and Georgia!

Texas blue bonnets (plus Doug)!

Karen and Ms. Sue

Sue, Karen's Husband Elton and Elizabeth

Doug and a couple one-night-stands, literally. They were dressed as lamps on an end table. Ha!


time worn interiors said...

Looks like you guys had a hoot! I love the Texas shows, they are my favorite!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Love the photos! I guess I'll just have to go again to the next show so I can experience the prom!! :)


Donna said...

Thanks Lani for the great pics and details. I am going in the fall! I can't miss this again.

Tara said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. This looks like something I would love to explore. That Magnolia Pearl sign is fantastic. I'll be back to visit again!

Kathy said...

Lani - what awesome pics - love the first one of you - too much fun! And the group picture in the blue bonnets is very cool.

It looks like way too much fun - and I want to go!!! (already have a prom dress! ha ha).


cherry said...

LOOks like a lot of fun was had by all. cherry

Bridget a.k.a. Bridie Murphy said...

Super dooper photos my dear! Hey, we missed a photo op at the JunkMarket booth with Kimberly and me. Darn it! Ahhhh...but there's always the fall show...can't wait!

The photo in the bluebonnets -- how utterly classic, beautiful and TEXAS!?

It was a delight meeting you, checking out nifty vintage recreated jewelry too!


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