Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is there a Doctor in the House?????

I have a slight confession.  I have a pre-occupation with vintage medical/pharmaceutical pieces.  Something about them just seems to call out to me saying "buy me, buy me!".  And you know I just can't resist!  The sign above I came upon at an occasional sale, and with it's black and white color scheme, it had the ultimate "it" factor.  Once, I even came upon a doctor's exam table.  You know I had to have it....it was just way too cool.  But alas, I sold it to someone who was going to use it as a center island in their kitchen.  As long as they don't think about it's original purpose when they're making supper!  Yikes!

This actually is a barber's sanitizer, but it still has that medical look.  I chose to make it functional (so it may not be quite as eye appealing).  Still it works great for my tooth brush/paste!

This medical table was one of my last purchases from the JUNKMARKET sales in Long Lake.  It's a perfect accent piece to my bathroom.  The mirror on top is a recent purchase that was originally used on a ship.  Nothing medical about it, just looks great with the table!

This doctor's scale was purchased at Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style's garage sale. I had been eyeing it for awhile...thanks, Sue!

This Torsion Balance Pharmacy Scale is one of my most prized pieces.  Love the chrome and glass on it.  Way too cool!

Not sure if these are actually medical bottles, but they sure do have that look.  Works for me!

Love this chemistry jar made to hold hyrochloric acid. 

These beeker bottles hold ivy cuttings perfectly!  They're about the only plants I seem to be able to grow!  LOL!

Not quite sure if these are pharmacy scales, but I can pretend now, can't I?

 These chairs may not appear to be medical, but that actually came out of a hospital in Hibbing, MN.  I married them to a table I already had.  They were for sale at the AAJMS sale.

Lastly, this mega jar is marked Pyrex directly in the glass, and in the top of the funnel-type piece is a hole.  Not sure if it simply held pickles, or maybe was used in a lab?  All I know is it looks great holding my sugar amongst the other two vintage jars I have!

Hope you enjoyed my collection . . . maybe it will inspire you to start your own. 

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To see more of my JUNKMARKET projects, click on the link on the side of my blog. 


Decor To Adore said...

Oh I adore every single vignette!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

So fun to see your collections! I adore that pharmacy scale! It's so unique and very cool!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Lanette~ you really do have a wonderful collection! It's amazing how such old items have a current look again! Sorry to have missed you at JMS/AA! We'll have to meet at Junk Bonanza!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Love how you are using all your great finds - that scale is a hoot!

Prior said...

Those chairs remind me of the drug store ice cream parlor chairs, when I was growing up, and the doctor's office was in the back. Great collection, for sure! Lezlee

Gretchen said...

Great post Lani. I actually had the ships mirror in my hand to buy a few weeks back, but just knew that someone else needed it more than me. :) Glad you love it! Looks great with your JM table and the rest of your industrial treasures. Great styling!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oooh, you have some great medical things. I love them also! If you get a chance check out my blog post http://thinkinofhome.blogspot.com/2010/04/wednesday-stuff.html
You might enjoy seeing it!

Burlap Luxe said...

Loved my visit over her, and the playlist to go along with it.


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Lanette~
I just love the way you repurpose these items. With technology today, we all have to appreciate these once useful elements...I just love them!
Not a bad confession if I do say so myself ;)


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