Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Junk Bonanza in Review!

First, I have to apologize.  I was way too busy to take many pictures (or good ones for that matter).  I was a bad blogger.  But the good thing was, we were too busy.  I was unable to venture out much and get some better pictures.  That's the problem when you are selling at an event versus just buying.  So most of my pictures are from our booth, but not even on the first day.  These are second day pictures, and the booth doesn't look quite as good as the first.  Again, my bad.  Fortunately Amy of Whisperwood Cottage, posted some pictures of our booth on her blog.  Hop on over there and check it out, too.   

But here is a peek of what I took.  I'll have more pictures coming from the blogger party, which was hosted by Jill from Forever Cottage.  That was a real treat.  So here goes! 

The crowds were crazy!  This must have been taken on Friday, you could see down the isle!

I shared a booth with Sue Wolfe, of Destination Art, and her friend Mim Gustufson.  They did the word art.  Amazing!

Their pieces were even featured on a few local tv shows...great exposure to say the least.

I provided the vintage accessories.  Industrial was the theme I was going for.

This little metal table was probably out of a doctor/dentist's office.  I wish it hadn't been painted gold, but I still thought it was a cool piece so I left it as is.

The wheel barrel was made from a vintage cigarette sign.  I thought it was uber cool, but alas, didn't sell.  What's wrong with people?  Don't they know cool when they see it?  Ha!

Okay, I don't know exactly what the piece with the door was, but liked the look.

My favorite piece from the sale.  I had purchased it in Oronoco (see an earlier post).  I stripped some of the paint off of it to reveal all the colors underneath of it.  Loved how it turned out!

To see more Bonanza pictures, you can go to the Junk Bonanza blog at and stay tuned for pictures from the Blogger Party.

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michelle said...

What amazing things!!!! I love all the industrial things this year!!

That Girl Ang said...

Hi Lani! I still have to write my blog. I'm still overwhelmed by all that I've seen, heard, & learned. It was a really inspiring trip for me.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Looks wonderful, Lanette! Wish I had had a chance to get out of the booth more, too...but it really WAS busy!

mizdarlin said...

the only reason you didn't sell that wheelbarrow is because i wsn't there-I love it!
Donlt feel bad..I never get pictures taken because i am alone in my booth when selling and too busy to even get pics of my own booth..much less wander around, though i would lov to!
Your additions look great-love all your stuff!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

I spy some really cool stuff! Need more input!!!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Never got out of my booth to shop either...never even SAW your stuff.
what a great looking booth!


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

It looks FAB! I'm so jealous that it's a million miles away!

stefanie said...

oh, everything is just fabulous!!!!


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