Sunday, January 2, 2011

My On-Line Holiday Home Tour for 2010!

Yah, yah, yah....I know, I know.  The holidays have past, we're all sick of all our Christmas decorations, and well....this is a little late.  But I honestly haven't had time to take pictures, let alone time to edit them.  So here I've been, all weekend, taking and editing pictures.  With the holidays finally over, I had the time.  So I've been sitting here in my easy chair, just taking a lazy day at home to work on my blog.  And what a good day to do it.  It's flipping cold outside!  Ooops, excuse my language.  But really....brrrrr.  Right now it's 4 degrees.  Seriously?  But with the wind chill, it feels more like -7 degress!  I mean....yuck! 

Okay, now where was I?  This freezing cold weather got me all distracted.  Ah, yes, my Christmas decorating. This year I wasn't on any home tours, so you'll be my home tour, my faithful followers. And after spending basically all day editing pictures, I decided I'm probably going to have to break this up into a couple posts....I took way too many pictures to do it in just one.  Sorry.  So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.  Here goes.....

The Front Porch

A Big Welcome!

A welcome not only to my human guests, but a welcome home to the birds.

At Halloween, this held pumpkins.  I like it just as much if not more with a Charlie Brown Tree.   The strand of Christmas lights on it are vintage.  I didn't dare light them, but I they look great just as an embellishment. 

I have a small collection of children's skates.  I usually have them on a tree, but this year they'll sit by my bench as if the kids are just waiting to come and get them.  Time to skate!

This street sign wasn't cooperating and didn't want to stay up, so I set it in this metal piece.  I kind of like it that way.

The Entry Way

I swapped out my other mannequin for this older one.  She stands guard to greet anyone that enters.

This picture is actually wallpaper my friend framed.  Oooh do I love this.  My ode to nature.

These twig trees are another favorite. 

The Front Room

My mantle this year is pretty simple.  The old iron farm spacers display large Christmas balls and are found amongst the mercury glass trees.

The tamarack branch adds a bit of whimsy to the display.

This mirror was made from old tin. 

My pillar tree this year holds all silver ornaments.  I put them in bunches on the tree to give more impact.  To see the tree lite, place your cursor over it (I've been playing...hehe).

I think my new kittie, Herc, likes my front room, too.

I added glass to this urn and filled it with silver ornaments.

It displays a tea setting while the picture frame holds a Christmas tea poem.

My curio cabinet is embellished with Christmas accents.

The Desk Area

These beakers held the ivy cuttings, but I added cedar and berries to them.  I didn't know what to do with these mini gears so I stacked them and added a mini ornament to the top.

I don't know what this metal holder was used for, but it now holds items by my telephone.  The pen/pencil holder was for drill bits.

That's it for now.  To be continued.......


judi said...

yes lani! i am not the ONLY one who didn't post pics before go girl. i will be working on mine today and calling it christmas past! haha
LOVE all your junkified decorating...the silver & mercury touches are MAH.velous.
happy new year too!


WhisperWood Cottage said...

It's all gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year! Your house looks amazing, love it all!


Marge of Emmas Nook and Granny said...

There can never be too many pictures of your home. It is all beautiful! Patiently waiting to see the rest. :)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Lanette, I never get tired of seeing pictures of your gorgeous home. You have so many beautiful and unique items displayed. I love all the Christmas decor.

Faded Charm said...

Thanks for the tour. I enjoy all your home decor no matter what time of year it is. The way you think outside the box has always inspired me.

Best wishes to you in 2011.


Ange said...

Even after taking down my decorations I have residual feelings of Christmas cheer so seeing your post was a delight. What beautiful displays and they seem to fit so well into your home. Looking forward to more:o)

Lisascraftiques said...

Your Christmas decor is so lovely! I love the birdhouse on the front porch and all the mercury glass!
Happy New Year!

michelle said...

Lanette everything is so pretty and cozy! I love the outside entry and right on in to you home. All your Christmas touches are perfect! :)

Happy New Year!

Julie Pierce, Owner of The Loft on 2nd said...

Lovley. The white and silver are very ethereal.
The ladies at the Loft on 2nd

Robin Johnson said...

Your home is beautiful and your Christmas decor is fabulous. I love all the white and the sparkle!

My favorite is your front porch. I love it all and it makes such a nice entrance into your home.

JunkinJane said...

Love it all, Yeah Christmas with only a touch of red and green1 Love it all, like the urn filled with silver balss as a table the most!

red.neck chic said...

I'm moving in. The Herc and I will just take turns hanging out in your front room. LOL Girrrrlll... it's ALL gorgeous! And the framed wallpaper? I'm swooning over here...

oops- I just swooned off of my chair.

I love it ALL! I think you should post them again when it's hotter than a firecracker - then you'll appreciate the freeze-your-ice-skates temps...

;-D Merry Christmas! No wait... Happy New Year!!! Merry Winter!


Fishtail Cottage said...

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Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Lani I'm in HEAVEN....I reckon I could spend an age on your porch just drinkin' in the WONDER of it all....SO MANY YUMMY pieces again but my junkin' heart melted at the tractor disc spacers....Least I THINK that's what they are....Oh & your dress form is TO DIE FOR....!

YUMMO my Friend....!

Tamarah :o)

Shawn said...

You've changed the theme of Christmas from red and green to white, gold and brown. What a brilliant idea!

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Joseph said...

I'm happy you shared these pictures with us. You gave us a great idea on how to spend Christmas better.

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