Monday, March 14, 2011

A Rusty Wall Pocket that's a Total Gas!

Well actually in it's former life I was told it was some type of gas can cover. But with it's perfect patina and pre-made holes, a wall pocket was a perfect reuse! And my chalkboard wall off the kitchen was in need of some additional accessories.....

Some of my supplies, the gas can cover, beads, wire, and a glass that will serve as a vase insert. My cat Jazzy was so curious as to what I was up to, she wouldn't get out of the picture. That Darn Cat! Wait....isn't that a movie? Ha!

With the wire and beads, I created a flower that will serve as an embellishment.  


Have you ever tried these Hercules Hooks? Love!! They'll be perfect to hold this rather heavy piece.

The pre-made holes on this piece will be perfect to hang it.

Just an old Ikea glass was used as a vase insert.

Love the colors of these flowers....a present from my hubby on this snowy winter day.

And there ya be. From gas can cover to wall pocket.

My chalkboard wall is starting to take shape with some added accessories.

This old metal whatchamacallit will work great for an additional message holder.  Ooops.....I guess that event is over.  On to the next one!

I had to share this fun vintage card I recently purchased. They had almost every town in MN. After a little digging (okay maybe a lot), I was able to find a neighboring town.

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Nordic Girl said...

Ooh. Totally cool wall hanging. I see this stuff and think, it's just stuff. You come up with something like this. Wish I was this creative.

trash talk said...

Love always!
I'm off to find some Hercules hooks. Do I look in the leather toga aisle?

Anonymous said...

As always so creative..I love my hercules hooks I use them all the time. You made me laugh when you memtioned the movie that darn cat, wow I have forgotten about that show, and it will def tell your age.

Have a fabulous day

Boho Farm and Home said...

That is very cute and oh so clever!
That is a great find!

mizdarlin said...

Very nice..
Astually it's the safety cover for those giant cylinders (taks) of various gases used in things like steel fabrication, such as oxygen hydrogen, or acetylene for torches or welding..
Much prettier the way you've repurposed it..

Stephanie said...

So, so creative - love it!! And the flowers are gorgeous!

Prior said...

right up my alley, with this one! just love all the elements! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Very clever!

Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

You are so creative.Could you package some of your creativity and send it to me?

Zane Wooder said...

I think your cat wants some attention. She is looking up at you like she wants love.

-Zane of ontario honey


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