Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Bar Everyone Can Join in On!

My sincerest apologies for being so negligent of my blogger duties.  I bad, though the break was kind of nice, and maybe a little deserved.  

But here I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  And after recently having my house featured in once again another local home tour, I thought it would be the perfect time do some posting and share with you some of my holiday decor!  

In the past I'm sure you've seen many a wine bar, but how about something everyone can join in on!  I decided I would feature a hot chocolate bar on the recent tour.  It's something everyone can enjoy, both young and old!  And who's says you can't through in a little additional "spirit" for the adults to enjoy!  Here's my take on the hot chocolate bar!

I've showcased a lot of different serving ideas on my sideboard, but I decided to change it up a little and feature a hot chocolate bar with all the fixings!

I picked up this cute little medical cabinet at a local vintage sale (you know me and my fetish for vintage medical pieces).  It'll work just dandy for holding all the fixin's.  

I love these little frames from Ikea.  A buck a piece....seriously!  What can you get for a buck now a days.  Not even a cup of coffee (okay maybe at McDonalds).    And A little sign was needed just so you know for sure what you'd be gettin'.  Ha!

And of course I need all the goodies to make that hot chocolate even better.  Some carmel, more chocolate, some flavored marshmellows, cinnamon sticks and/or peppermint sticks.  What's ever to your likin'.  Hmmmmm good!

Some gift tags were used to clarify what you're actually putting in those drinks ;-)  But like I said, you could add a little spirit in there if you wish!  It is Christmas-time after all!

And I thought some coffee fixings might work in cocoa as well!  I'm all for trying new things :-)  And the industrial thingamagig (great technical term) and silver tree is an awesome addition to this display.

And of course I need the hot chocolate! 

I already had this awesome beverage dispenser and since there was no need for cold beverages, it'll work as just the right tabletop embellishment, along with the cute little wire tree.   

And some vintage cups (along with a couple new ones) are just what we need to serve up that there hot chocolate! 

Now all I need is the guests!  Who's up for some hot chocolate?

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