Thursday, July 31, 2014

Industrial Cart Put Together with Love!

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I have not been on this blog for well over a year!  I thought I'd do a post and see if there's anyone out there anymore.  I still show followers, but in this tech age, one never knows.

I purchased this cart probably as long ago as my last post but it was just collecting dust in the garage.  Time to do something with it! I knew I wanted to add glass to it and it already had the slots on the four corners a piece of pipe would fit into. With a flange added to the top of each pipe, a piece of glass could easily rest on top.   My piece certainly seems to have all come together! I hope you lke it as much as I do! I'd love to hear if what you think about my cart redo!

So I forgot to take a before picture of the bad!  But it was just a dirty piece that probably had been used in a factory or farm when I purchased it.  I bought the pipes and flanges at the hardware store so I could add another facet to the piece.

It had great patina, but again, it was REALLY dirty.  A little clean-up and some poly, and it looks awesome!

I LOVE the industrial wheels!

With the pipes and flantes added....

...the glass can sit on top.

Now comes the love part.  This year I celebrated a milestone anniversary...30 years with the same amazing man!  So in honor of that I did a little vignette.  This vintage bride and groom are featured under one of my many cloches. 

These scale weights under another cloche represent the wedding cake which sits on top of a mini cake stand.

The clock represents our timeless love.

This vintage scale is set at 30 for our 30 years together.

It certainly takes a lot of love, grace and understanding to stay married for 30 years.

And the little shoes?  They were just so darn cute!  Or maybe they just signify the two children that came after.  One is now almost 25 and one is 22.  Where has the time gone!

And here's the finished piece!

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Sue said...

Great pictures with great words! I too just did a blog post yesterday. It is so hard to keep up with everything and seems the blog always gets shoved at the end.

Take care,

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Sue, I was so thrilled actually had a comment!! You are my hero! Haha! Thanks! Know I'll have to go check out your post :-)

Midway Cottage said...

Great timing for you to pop up in my feed! I was literally just looking for MN bloggers on google, and wondering who is still out there?? I'm not a blogger, but have been to a few of your sales so we've met :0) I am now selling furniture on the side and am having a big sale at my house next week. You junk ladies are still inspiring me!!

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Midway Cottage, so I'm a week late! Hopefully you are having a great sale! I should have found out where it was. My bad! And thanks for commenting. I at least know people are still out there. You're awesome!

MartenJames said...
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