Wednesday, November 12, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree . . .

In preparation for my home tour, I decided to add to my collection of post Christmas trees. I currently have two, so why not another one? Then I could share the process with others. Now there's really nothing like a real tree, but in the spirit of recycling (and no tree places open yet) here's how I did it.

First you need to start with an old porch post, or a new one if you want to purchase it from a home store, and a faux christmas tree. I purchased my tree very reasonably at a discount store. If you scour thrift stores, I'm sure you can find one there, too. You can also try this on fresh greens, or even twigs for a real "Charlie Brown" tree or on a smaller pillar for a table top tree. Use your imagination! (Sorry about the garbage cans in the background).

Add "L" brackets to the base of the pillar.
Next you need to cut the "L" off each branch from your artificial tree with a bolt cutter.
Start at the top (one branch on the very top) and work your way down. I put one branch on each side of the square part of the post and continued to do that all the way down. I measure about 8 inches between tiers.

Use a drill bit the same size as the branch and drill slightly at an angle (drill baby drill). This way, the branch should fit snug, but can still be removed for storage. You can also glue them if you want as they may spin slightly.

Wa-la! You have your very own, unique, one of a kind Christmas tree!


Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Ok, that's seriously cool! I love this idea!!!

Lisa Marie said...

That is super Great, now I'm looking at picking up stuff for this one...thanks a bunch, L


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