Monday, May 4, 2009

Junk-O-Rama Prom Memory Frame

The Junk-O-Rama Prom is held every spring and fall during Antiques Week in Warrington, TX. It is hosted by the Junk Gypsies, Aime Sikes, along with her sister Jolie and mom Janie. Everyone comes dressed for the occasion and is able to dance the night away listening to some rockin' country music. They've even had special guests attend, this year up and coming country singer Miranda Lambert was there.

I had a "ball" at the Prom, along with a couple of Junk Market Gems! I created this photo holder made from an old Post Office box door to remind me of this spectacular event.

I started out with an old Post Office box door purchased at a local antique store. It was a little grimmy so I gave it a good washing with soap and water.

The photo corners were purchased from the local scrapbooking store. They are self sticking. I used two wallet size pictures, plus a title card printed off the computer for the piece.

The back had a couple hinges that were once used to open the door. They worked perfect as a stand.

The title card was inserted in the place originally housing the P.O. Box numbers.

The photo corners were placed on each of the pictures, and then onto the P.O. box door.

Tah Dah! My finished project! I thought the star at the top was perfect for a Texas Theme! And don't we all look fab-u-lous dahling! Ha! It was a great time had by all!

I plan on making a return trip for Antiques Week in the fall. It will be held the end of September and we're trying to get a group together for it. Stayed tuned for more info on future postings!

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Could you be any more clever? I think not!


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