Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six Things About Me?

Okay, I've been tagged, thanks to Amy of Whisperwood Cottage on her post 6 Things About Me. I'll have to admit, I'm the worst at these things. I've been tagged before on awards, and have been a bad, bad blogger and never posted. I have to apologize to those who bestowed upon me that honor. But I'm trying to make up for it now. So if you really want to know six things about me, here goes nothin'!

Step 1: 6 Things About Me!

1. I've been married to my amazing husband for almost 25 years! Can you believe it? But then again, I was married when I was only ten. Ha. Only kidding (about being 10).

2. I've been antiquing and junking for most of those 25 years, to my husband's chagrin (hence the amazing husband part for putting up with it!). I've been in the antique/junk business for about 15 years.

3. I have two children who are adopted from Korea, Zach who's 19 and Rebekah who's 17. They have eight other cousins who all are adopted, two from Korea, two from Columbia and four from the US. The stork doesn't bring babies, airplanes do! LOL!

4. I sing! I even sang at my wedding (with my husband who also sings). Haven't done it in public for awhile, so the pipes are a little rusty!

5. I am a cat lover, and have three of them (two manx and one barn cat). My daughter told me if I wasn't married, I would have a house full of cats. Sad thing is, she's probably right!

6. Went to Cosmotology School after high school and even have my license, but have never worked in the field. I'm a little rusty there, too! Btw, my husband also happens to be a hair stylist, and a pretty darn good one, too!

Step 2: Tag, You're it!

I'm now tagging the following bloggers:

Gretchen @ Mimitorias Designs

Ki @ Junk Camp

Candy @ Junk Sophisticate

Linda @ Restyled Home

Donna @ Reinvented Style

Cassie @ Junk-Fest

Okay, y'all. It's your turn. You now need to post six things about yourself, identify six new people, and let those people know they've been tagged. Don't forget to link back to this post! Lookin' forward to getting to know more about you!


Ki said...

Wow. Six, huh? I'll give it a shot sometime this week. I can't wait to see Linda's at Restyled Home! When I met my husband of 28 years I had 3 cats too. He married me anyway!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Too funny, I just did this meme today too!! So much fun to learn more about you! :)

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Thanks for doing this, Lani! Can you imagine being known as "the cat lady?" One of these days I want to hear you sing!! :)


Junk Sophisticate said...

It's always nice to learn more about you Lani! Thanks for the tag and my apologizies for taking so long to respond.


Anonymous said...
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