Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Colors of Provence at the French Flea

So I've gone and confiscated my son's laptop (once again) to give you info on the upcoming sale at The French Flea. And can you believe another month has come and gone? We have the shoppe all staged and ready for our 5th sale which starts this Thursday! Can you believe it, our 5th sale! And I am so excited for you to see what we've done!

The "French Bistro" and the "Colors of Provence" areas are looking awesome and quite colorful, if I do say so myself. The Flea is loaded with some amazing stuff that the 17 of us have collected and repurposed for your shopping experience! Yes there's 17 of us now! Wow! So we've had to squeeze, stack, and shove everything in to fit all of our wares into the shop. And I think you will be pleasantly surprised with all the finds we have for you! So if you're in area or are in need of a road trip, please come and visit, view and shop! We're ready and waiting for you!

Isn't she lovely!

The Colors of Provence! Beautiful!

What an adorable copper coffee pot!

Oh la la! Love the green . . .

A lovely, ornate trunk. Beautiful details!

What an awesome cupboard/entertainment center! The chickens are pretty cute, too!

This "Dear John" letter, would be one you may want to get!

A set of simple, yet elegant dishes!

A little "French" farewell!

One of our dealers, Robin, acting like the "Queen"! Ha!


WhisperWood Cottage said...

Looks great, Lani!

Cassie said...

Love the theme...the vignettes are lovely! Best wishes!

trash talk said...

Love the copper coffee pot!

The Green Pea said...

Oh! I love the coffee pot and your blog. Sandi

Shelly's Garden said...

I will be there this weekend! I am sooo glad to see this here in Anoka! I have wanted to see for a long time Anoka grow and become a popular shopping area, similar to Buffalo!
I have loved vintage/fleamarket decorating since I was a kid. Before it became popular. Now that my kids are grown I feel like I can induldge myself a little!



FrenchGardenHouse said...

My idea of heaven on earth! Love your displays...:)
xo Lidy

Zane Wooder said...

I love the statue of the lady with the basket. It's so beautiful.

-Zane of ontario honey


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