Friday, May 28, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to Know! What have I Been Up To????

I know, I know . . . where in the heck have I been????  Have you missed me?  Well let me tell you . . . okay, I can't tell you all I've been up to in just one post, but here's just a start of the ride I've been on!

First, I had the privilege to join my family at a hockey tournament in Laurel, Maryland at the beginning of April.  Laurel is a suburb close to DC so we made a vacation out of it.  But this was no ordinary hockey tournament.  You see my daughter is special needs (diagnosed with mild mental impairments), and she has loved hockey since she was five.  She was totally in love with all the Mighty Ducks movies and would tell everyone she was a duck.  And so for the past four years we've attended hockey tournaments comprised of others who are either physically or mentally challenged. 

This year Rebekah was honored to actually get to play with her own Minnesota team.  You see the previous years Minnesota didn't send a team, so she would play with the New Jersey Daredevils (and they really adopted her as their own).  But this year she got to play with her own team mates (and still was able to play with the Daredevils, too).  And what a great time they had!  I mean there is really nothing like it!

And I do have to say, Rebekah is a superstar in her own right.  She has such a passion for it, they even have had to tell her to stop scoring (which is not an easy task as she loces getting those goals).  Okay, maybe I'm just a proud parent!  But it was an amazing time (did I say that already?)!!! We spent one day site seeing in DC with fellow skaters and their parents, but most of the time we just watched all the games.  They were so heartwarming.  And I can tell you a few of the professional players could learn a thing or two from these kids!  When you watch players from the opposing team help the smaller kids score, you just want to cry.  No lie!

Other highlights of the tournament, being able to see (and touch) the Stanley Cup, meeting the Ice Sledge Hockey Paralympic Gold Medal Winners, and watching the USA Stand-Up Amputees play hockey against the Wounded Warriors (comprised of war veteran amputees). Incredible!

Stay tuned for more on what I've been up to.  Do inquiring minds really want to know?  Let me know your thoughts?

Sorry this is a little blurry.  I accidently deleted all the pictures off my camera...oops!.  These are from my phone.  We were all excited to be able to be so up close to the Stanley Cup

Lord Stanley

A couple pictures of the players from the Ice Sledge Hockey Team.  I had taken a picture of Rebekah with them and their Gold Metals, but *&%$#*! they were on my camera!  

Watching one of the hockey games.

Some of our Awesome Minnesota Skaters!

Our Nation's Capital.

We were fortunate enough to be in DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Beautiful!

One of my favorite places at the Nation's Capital!

The view from the Lincoln Memorial.

A beautiful view of the Washington Memorial with the sun peaking through.

Father and Daughter after a day spent on the Mall.  Someone doesn't look too happy.....

Inside Union Station.  Gorgeous architecture!

Last day in Maryland...Cheesecake Factory.  Mmmmmm good!

You never know who you'll run into at the airport!   LOL! 

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junkermidge said...

Great post! I guess I DO have an inquiring mind -- cuz I wanted to know. What an awesome experience for Rebekah and for the whole family (and whole team). I'm trying to hold it together (I'm a sucker for inspiration sports stories and this one fits the bill). So glad you shared. That trip alone would have been plenty of spring for me. But I'll stayed tuned for more of your recent adventures.

Gretchen said...

Enjoyed your post about your trip to Maryland for Rebekahs hockey. Thanks for filling us in with your comings and goings. Sounds like a great experience!

Karen said...

I enjoyed your post! Sounds like you had a great time. I know how it goes, too, stuff just happens, and before you know it, time has flown. I'm determined to catch up on some blogging friends this week, and you were one of them! Have a great weekend! Karen

Amy said...

As a minnesota mom who has a hockey loving daughter I LOVED your post. Give Rebekah a high five from the Stark girls. Thanks for sharing your adventures, keep em coming. Amy

Lisa said...

Loved your post! Our children and their sports, I love that, too! I always loved sports, though I was never a player, but a great fan and spectator. One of the best things I have learned through my children's sports is that they are activities that "grow" the body, mind, and spirit! Sports gives them discipline for life, goals to work for, satisfaction of a job well done, teaches unselfishness and most importantly...teamwork!! It is a wonderful thing for every child to participate in. So proud of your daughter! She is a beautiful young lady! :)


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