Thursday, September 23, 2010

Country Living Fair - JUNKMARKET Style

Just a heads up for all of you who live in or near Columbus, Ohio, or plan on being in the area.  You'll have to check out the the Fifth Annual Country Living Fair which begins tomorrow.  I had originally planned on attending the event myself; but alas, it's just so happens to be family weekend at my son's college (and how dare they plan it on the same weekend!).  But well I guess, family does come first now doesn't it.

My friend, Sue Whitney, the junk guru herself, will be there in the flesh at the Gorilla Glue Tent conducting several fun and informative "junk" seminars Friday through Sunday.  You can check out her complete schedule by going to the following link - Country Living Fair and Sobo Style Event - JUNKMARKET Style

So be sure to check it out and if you do make it there, be sure to take lots of pictures for me, please? 

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mizdarlin said...

Why oh why do we not have these sorts of gatherings here? I'm so jealous..

One Cheap B*tch said...

I seconf MizDarlin - so jealous they don't do one here. I LOVE Country Living mag! Have fun and take lots of pics!



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