Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Pictures.....

Thanksgiving's over, and on to Christmas! Here's just a peek at my Thanksgiving table. Like I said I had 21 guests...whew! The only one snafu was that I forgot one guest! Ooops, my bad! So with a scramble to add a place setting, we were all set. And I think everything else went without a hitch. Good food, good company. Nothing better than celebrating with family. And it was great to have my folks with us this year. They usually celebrate in warmer Arizona. We were so glad to have had them!

My main table.  To make it longer, I add folding tables to each of the ends.  We can seat fourteen people fairly comfortable, but sixteen if we're in a pinch.  I don't know if I could handle more than 21 people though.

A closer look.

This is an added table, formerly called the kids table.  But I've been told (by my son...go figure) I can't call it that anymore as most of them are grown up.  Does that make me old???  Yikes!

Here we are, all ready to dig in!  Hurry up and take the picture!!!

Some of the kids....oops, I mean kids and adults.  My bad.

Gramps talking to a nephew getting ready to be deployed (he's in the air force) through Skype.

The Wandmacher clan.  Linda, Lori, Grams, Gramps, Lanette (me) and Lisa.  The four L's.  Don't you "L"ove it!

My family posing for Christmas pictures.  Say "cheese".  Can you believe I could get them all to smile?  Now on to Christmas decorating....I'm way behind the eight to run!

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Lisascraftiques said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! We had about 20 people 2 but could not fit them all in my dining room. I had tables set up in my diningroom, breakfast room and scattered in the living room. We still had a great day of being together!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

WOW....21 guests....I break into a cold sweat if I have to cook for more than two....hahahahaha....Lani your table looked GORGEOUS & your Friends & Family no doubt engoyed themselves IMMENESLY....!

I celebrated Thanksgiving in Bristow Oklahoma back in '95 & it's one of my FONDEST memories of all my trips to the US....Oh & the food weren't half bad either.... :o) !!!!!

Maybe you could SQUEEZE in 22 this year....hahahahaha....!!

Tamarah xx


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