Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Friends, Good Times and Good Junk...My Weekend in Oronoco!

I just had the most amazing weekend in Oronoco at Gold Rush Days!  If you're unfamiliar with Gold Rush Days, it's an event that the whole town of Oronoco gets in on.  They open up all the public spaces, along with private yards, and it's one heck of a sale!  This year, I was able to tag along my friend Sue Whitney for a photo shoot she was doing on the event for Country Gardens Magazine.  I've tagged along before on photo shoots, and it's such a thrill for me.  This time unfortunately I seem to have forgotten my camera, so guess what?  No pictures!  My bad.  I guess you'll just have to purchase the magazine next summer to see their pictures.  Ooops!

So here's a run down of what was going on.

We drove down on Thursday evening and were able to set up our JUNKMARKET Style booth....oops.  No pictures for this!  You'll have to trust me.  It was stunning!  We did run into a bit of a pickle.  Sue and I didn't know how to put up the "easy up" tent.  What can you expect from a couple of blonds!  Thanks to Jeff Marthaler from Dona Rose Antiques for his help in this venture.  The Pfarkel Sisters came to help after a distressed call from me (they've helped us put up a tent in the past when we were having difficulties), but they got there too late.  No sweat...they did however help finish getting the booth put together.  Thanks, gals!

The famous Pfarkel Sisters from St. Charles, Minnesota, Sharon, Diane and Janelle!

The next day we were up early to get ready for the day.  If you know me at all, being up early is no simple feat. Mornings and I don't go together so well.  But this was for a worthy cause.  So after a few supply runs, we arrived in Oronoco around 9:30 ready to start an exciting day!

The morning was spent greeting people and sharing about JUNKMARKET and JUNKMARKET Under Glass.  Because the booth looked so spectacular (thanks to Sue's great style), we drew in a lot of people.  It was fun meeting new and old fans of JUNKMARKET!  Thanks for all who stopped by!

In the afternoon, Sue spent the day with the photogs, Greg and Chris, photographing all the fun sites of the sale.  Me?  I was out with the Pfarkels, looking for some great finds....Oronoco is the bestest!

Here's a picture of us from last summer's photo shot.  Chris is on the left, Greg's on the right.  What a great couple of guys.  They are fab!
At the end of the day, I spent it with the Pfarkels, Marge (an adopted Pfarkel sister), Sue, Greg and Chris at the Pfarkels campsite with good food, good wine and good friends.  Perfect way to end the day.  Aaaah....

Tammy asked in the last post what I purchased in Oronoco.  Here are a few pics, Tammy :-)

This metal desk was a steal.  I LOVE vintage metal pieces...specially if they're medical.

Some great spindles.  I wish I would have bought more.  There must have been fifty of them, or more.  I went back later in the day and they were all gone.  Darn!

I've always loved these (don't ask me what they are).  This one was extra's more tall and narrow then most of them I've seen.  Can't you see it with a candle behind it?

I picked up a couple of these vintage metal coolers.  I have a few more at home.  Love!

Know what this is?  A table fan which is literally a table.  Another piece I love!  The color is fabulous!

It came from Northwestern Hospital (where ever that is).  That makes it even cooler!

Many of these items will be fore sale at JUNKMARKET Under Glass....hope to see you there!

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judi said...

ooh what fun & great purchases.

oronoco sounds very similar to our bouckville antique show which was last week. miles of tents and vendors...lots of fun stuff! one day is just not enough time to see it all.
look forward to the country gardens magazine.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

So great to meet you at Goldrush. We shopped Oronoco until noon and ended the day at Rochester...absolutely worth my sore feet!


trash talk said...

Cat Daddy keeps trying to figure out a way for us to come up for Oronoco, but the time thingy keeps getting in the way.
I love those metal!

Breana said...

I was there too! All weekend treasure hunting - so much fun!
I just posted what goodies I found too.

Tammy's in Love said...

Looks like you found some fun treasures! I was there two days and my heart's desire was found and hauled to Lakeville!

Anonymous said...

I love your purchases!!! I got my first chance to spend a day at Oronoco and boy was it fun (and sweltering!!) I got lots of fun loot too! Hoping to stop by your booth at Junk Market Under Glass!!! Love seeing your pics!

Kris Lanae Binsfeld

Zane Wooder said...

I have trouble myself getting up early in the morning. It was worth it for you though. You got a lot done and helped a lot of people.

-Zane of ontario honey


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