Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All my trees are up and decorated, shopping is done and I've finally gotten all the presents wrapped and under the tree. Let the celebrating commence! And this year I decided to have my presents have a more natural feel. I had this vintage twine, which I have to say I love. With some new faux sparkly elements and some fresh greens, I think they turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

The paper I used was actually for wrapping packages to be mailed. It's a little thicker and I liked that about it. It has a very natural feel to it.

And I know some would think it's a no-no to use faux florals, but I have to say I really like how they look on the packages.

All done up and ready to open! Funny how it takes hours to decorate and only minutes to open...ha!

I love how they look under my tree.

And next to my tree I have an old mitten framed up with a vintage ball of twine. Simple and sweet.

This vintage jewelry display also works for displaying Christmas balls hung by fishing line.

And this light reflectors are a favorite of mine. They look like flowers on the tree.

The tree sits a top of a wheeled palet and is housed in vintage wicker basket. A sign finishes it off letting everyone know we say, "Merry Christmas" 'round here.

Everything's ready so let the Christmas celebrating commence!


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