Monday, December 22, 2014

Unique One of a Kind, Holiday Centerpiece

Sometimes when you buy things, you find out that they just seem to go together...naturally. That's the case with with these pieces. I found they had a way of fitting together just perfectly.

It started with this Pyrex piece. Not exactly sure what it was originally used for, but it's perfect as a cloche. It sits atop of an extra-large farm cultavating disc.

It think it went the otherway as having it this way makes the Pyrex stamp upside down. But then again it's also backwards as it stamped on the inside, so who knows.

There seems to have been possibly a hose or pipe that went into it as it has a hole in the top....

...which then allowed me to hang an extra-large ornament from it with fishing line.

It was hung using a thick wire which I covered up with greens and some berries.

The cloche sits atop of a post capital, which I love in and of itself. It has great patina.

Just a mixture of greens around the cloche and we have a festive centerpiece!

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