Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girls Weekend at the Cabin!

A few weeks ago, I was able to get away with my three sisters, Linda, Lori and Lisa.  And yes, we're all "L's".  Funny thing about that is, my Dad use to work in radio and worked for "WLOL".  When asked why we were all "L's", he would say, just for the "L" of it.  LOL!  Am I getting carried away with L's???  Maybe because my initials are LLL.  Okay, now I know I'm getting a little of track!  Okay, where was I?  Oh, yeah, back to our girl's weekend.

We've been doing this for a few years now and it's a great way to get away from the family, housework, and life's troubles, and just have fun.  We take it pretty easy, going out to eat, watching movies, playing games, and just sitting back.  It's a great way to re-energize! 

Now you know me, normally, my decorating style is very cottage-y and industrial, with very clean lines and simple, but I certainly appreciate and love different styles, too.  And my sister's cabin, which is an awesome log cabin in the first place, has some gorgeous decorating .  It is so beautiful, and I loved being able to get away to such a warm and inviting place.  And like you would expect, it has a very cabin-y look and feel, but I loved all her little decorating touches and I just had to share them with you.  So here it is, the girls weekend in all it's glory!!!

Here we are from L to R, Lanette, Lisa, Linda and Lori

Lori and Linda cleaning up after one of our big spreads!

What a fun and quirky gun rack. 

Choose joy! 

Here we are, relaxing and eating.  This was our weekend theme!

Football anyone????  Go Brett and go Vikings!

Gorgeous handmade log bed!

Love all the log touches they put in. 

This is the guys bathroom. 

These vintage cabin prints are wonderful!

Here's a wholesale dealers license.  Can you imagine fitting that in your wallet?  LOL!

This is the bunkhouse for overflow. 

Guess what this is?  Pretty nice outhouse actually!

Beautiful view of the lake!


Unknown said...

Fantastic cabin ladies it has a wonderful Adirondack feel and i love the decor. Gosh i feel right at home. You all look like great friends having a perfect ladies weekend. Thanks for sharing!

trash talk said...

Don't make me pick which is more beautiful...the cabin or you girls! Your poor daddy...three girls...that's a lot of hormones!

Judy said...

Time spent with sisters is a wonderful thing! Glad to see you all had a nice visit. The cabin is so cozy!

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

It was a great weekend and great weather! And as busy as I've been, I really need to get away! Deb, your comments always crack me up and I LOVE reading them! Actually, my Dad always made the comment after another girl was born he'd need to buy more Tampax! He knew he was in for something! LOL!



How lucky to have that place and to have each other!

Mindy said...

How much fun was that? I just have 1 sister, and we live on the same land. So, no go away trips necessary for us! The cabin and outbuildings are great! I bet your sister loved decorating them. ~Mindy

Anne Lorys said...

A girls weekend sounds fantastic! You ladies sure seem to know how to par-tay! Love the whimsical gun rack and swanky outhouse!

Shelley said...

I came over here from The Cottage Chronicles blog. What a wonderful log cabin! Gives me decorating ideas for mine! Those bathrooms are great and now I'm thinking I need some vintage prints too. How fun to have a girl's getaway! You've inspired me to plan one w/ my family at our log cabin! :-)


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