Friday, January 9, 2015

A Winter Wonderland Mantel

Well we've survived the holidays and some of you may have already put those holiday decorations away. But not me. Winter in Minnesota still has some months to go, so rather than put all mine away, I'll just use them in "winter" displays.

My front room, or parlor as you will, has an array of my silver plated collection of different serving pieces displayed on my mantel. With some trees and extra bling, I have created a little winter wonderland.

Some of the pieces were given as trophies, like this one...

...or this one.

But some were just simply used in day to day life. This one, which I believe is triple plate, was possibly used in a hotel or on a train.

A simple bottle brush tree added to them makes them winterized.

I placed a couple of these vintaged etched mirrors behind them to add layering and additional reflection.

Greens and some twigs were added to bring some nature into the vignette. Though the greens won't last until spring, I'll keep them as long as I can.

A couple of wool pillows with silver snowflakes on them adds to the winter theme. I'm already for the rest of winter in Minnesota...bring it!

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I know it's too late but it's never too late to say that this decor is really awesome..

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